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type BaseBuilder

type BaseBuilder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*BaseBuilder) AsService

func (b *BaseBuilder) AsService() thing.Builder

func (*BaseBuilder) AuthenticateThing

func (b *BaseBuilder) AuthenticateThing(thingID string, audience string, keyID string, key crypto.Signer, claims func() interface{}) thing.Builder

func (*BaseBuilder) ConnectTo

func (b *BaseBuilder) ConnectTo(u *url.URL) thing.Builder

func (*BaseBuilder) Create

func (b *BaseBuilder) Create() (thing.Thing, error)

func (*BaseBuilder) HandleCallbacksWith

func (b *BaseBuilder) HandleCallbacksWith(handlers ...callback.Handler) thing.Builder

func (*BaseBuilder) InRealm

func (b *BaseBuilder) InRealm(realm string) thing.Builder

func (*BaseBuilder) RegisterThing

func (b *BaseBuilder) RegisterThing(certificates []*x509.Certificate, claims func() interface{}) thing.Builder

func (*BaseBuilder) TimeoutRequestAfter

func (b *BaseBuilder) TimeoutRequestAfter(d time.Duration) thing.Builder

func (*BaseBuilder) WithConnection

func (b *BaseBuilder) WithConnection(connection client.Connection) thing.Builder

func (*BaseBuilder) WithTree

func (b *BaseBuilder) WithTree(tree string) thing.Builder

type DefaultThing

type DefaultThing struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*DefaultThing) IntrospectAccessToken

func (t *DefaultThing) IntrospectAccessToken(token string) (introspection thing.IntrospectionResponse, err error)

func (*DefaultThing) Logout

func (t *DefaultThing) Logout() error

func (*DefaultThing) RefreshAccessToken added in v7.1.0

func (t *DefaultThing) RefreshAccessToken(refreshToken string, scopes ...string) (response thing.AccessTokenResponse,
	err error)

func (*DefaultThing) RequestAccessToken

func (t *DefaultThing) RequestAccessToken(scopes ...string) (response thing.AccessTokenResponse, err error)

func (*DefaultThing) RequestAttributes

func (t *DefaultThing) RequestAttributes(names ...string) (response thing.AttributesResponse, err error)

func (*DefaultThing) RequestUserCode added in v7.1.0

func (t *DefaultThing) RequestUserCode(scopes ...string) (response thing.DeviceAuthorizationResponse, err error)

func (*DefaultThing) RequestUserToken added in v7.1.0

func (t *DefaultThing) RequestUserToken(authorizationResponse thing.DeviceAuthorizationResponse) (
	tokenResponse thing.AccessTokenResponse, err error)

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