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func RequireThemeVersion

func RequireThemeVersion() map[string][]string

    RequireThemeVersion return the require official version

    func Version

    func Version() string

      Version return the version of framework.


      type AppStatus

      type AppStatus struct {
      	Uptime       string
      	NumGoroutine int
      	// General statistics.
      	MemAllocated string // bytes allocated and still in use
      	MemTotal     string // bytes allocated (even if freed)
      	MemSys       string // bytes obtained from system (sum of XxxSys below)
      	Lookups      uint64 // number of pointer lookups
      	MemMallocs   uint64 // number of mallocs
      	MemFrees     uint64 // number of frees
      	// Main allocation heap statistics.
      	HeapAlloc    string // bytes allocated and still in use
      	HeapSys      string // bytes obtained from system
      	HeapIdle     string // bytes in idle spans
      	HeapInuse    string // bytes in non-idle span
      	HeapReleased string // bytes released to the OS
      	HeapObjects  uint64 // total number of allocated objects
      	// Low-level fixed-size structure allocator statistics.
      	//	Inuse is bytes used now.
      	//	Sys is bytes obtained from system.
      	StackInuse  string // bootstrap stacks
      	StackSys    string
      	MSpanInuse  string // mspan structures
      	MSpanSys    string
      	MCacheInuse string // mcache structures
      	MCacheSys   string
      	BuckHashSys string // profiling bucket hash table
      	GCSys       string // GC metadata
      	OtherSys    string // other system allocations
      	// Garbage collector statistics.
      	NextGC       string // next run in HeapAlloc time (bytes)
      	LastGC       string // last run in absolute time (ns)
      	PauseTotalNs string
      	PauseNs      string // circular buffer of recent GC pause times, most recent at [(NumGC+255)%256]
      	NumGC        uint32

      func GetAppStatus

      func GetAppStatus() AppStatus

      type SysStatus

      type SysStatus struct {
      	CpuLogicalCore int
      	CpuCore        int
      	OSPlatform     string
      	OSFamily       string
      	OSVersion      string
      	Load1          float64
      	Load5          float64
      	Load15         float64
      	MemTotal       string
      	MemAvailable   string
      	MemUsed        string