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Published: Nov 2, 2020 License: MIT, BSD-3-Clause Imports: 15 Imported by: 0



The bundle command concatenates the source files of a package, renaming package-level names by adding a prefix and renaming identifiers as needed to preserve referential integrity.


$ bundle golang.org/x/net/http2 net/http http2

The command above prints a single file containing the code of golang.org/x/net/http2, suitable for inclusion in package net/http, in which toplevel names have been prefixed with "http2".


  • no file in the package imports "C", that is, uses cgo.
  • no file in the package has GOOS or GOARCH build tags or file names.
  • comments associated with the package or import declarations, may be discarded, as may comments associated with no top-level declaration at all.
  • neither the original package nor the destination package contains any identifiers starting with the designated prefix. (This allows us to avoid various conflict checks.)
  • there are no renaming imports.
  • test files are ignored.
  • none of the renamed identifiers is significant to reflection-based logic.

Only package-level var, func, const, and type objects are renamed, and embedded fields of renamed types. No methods are renamed, so we needn't worry about preserving interface satisfaction.

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