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Published: Nov 2, 2020 License: MIT, BSD-3-Clause Imports: 13 Imported by: 0



The gotype command does syntactic and semantic analysis of Go files and packages like the front-end of a Go compiler. Errors are reported if the analysis fails; otherwise gotype is quiet (unless -v is set).

Without a list of paths, gotype reads from standard input, which must provide a single Go source file defining a complete package.

If a single path is specified that is a directory, gotype checks the Go files in that directory; they must all belong to the same package.

Otherwise, each path must be the filename of Go file belonging to the same package.


gotype [flags] [path...]

The flags are:

	use all (incl. _test.go) files when processing a directory
	report all errors (not just the first 10)
	verbose mode
	use gccimporter instead of gcimporter

Debugging flags:

	parse sequentially, rather than in parallel
	print AST (forces -seq)
	print parse trace (forces -seq)
	parse comments (ignored unless -ast or -trace is provided)


To check the files a.go, b.go, and c.go:

gotype a.go b.go c.go

To check an entire package in the directory dir and print the processed files:

gotype -v dir

To check an entire package including tests in the local directory:

gotype -a .

To verify the output of a pipe:

echo "package foo" | gotype

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