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Cloud Build SMTP Notifier

This notifier uses SMTP to send email notifications.

This is an Alpha release of Cloud Build Notifiers. This codebase might be changed in ways that are not backwards-compatible. We do not recommend using this codebase for production applications. Furthermore, this release is not subject to any SLA or deprecation policy.

This notifier runs as a container via Google Cloud Run and responds to events that Cloud Build publishes via its Pub/Sub topic.

For detailed instructions on setting up this notifier, see Configuring email notifications.

Configuration Variables

This notifier expects the following fields in delivery map to be set:

  • server: The address of the SMTP server. If you want to use Gmail, use

  • port: The port (as a string) that will handle SMTP requests. If you want to use Gmail, use 587.

  • sender: This is the From field - the email that will appear as the sender of the email.

  • recipients: A list of To addresses.

  • password: The reference to a configuration in the secrets list.


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