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Package funcframework is a Functions Framework implementation for Go. It allows you to register HTTP and event functions, then start an HTTP server serving those functions.



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func RegisterCloudEventFunctionContext added in v1.1.0

func RegisterCloudEventFunctionContext(ctx context.Context, path string, fn func(context.Context, cloudevents.Event) error) error

RegisterCloudEventFunctionContext registers fn as an cloudevent function.

func RegisterEventFunction

func RegisterEventFunction(path string, fn interface{})

RegisterEventFunction registers fn as an event function. Maintained for backward compatibility. Please use RegisterEventFunctionContext instead.

func RegisterEventFunctionContext added in v1.1.0

func RegisterEventFunctionContext(ctx context.Context, path string, fn interface{}) error

RegisterEventFunctionContext registers fn as an event function. The function must have two arguments, a context.Context and a struct type depending on the event, and return an error. If fn has the wrong signature, RegisterEventFunction returns an error.

func RegisterHTTPFunction

func RegisterHTTPFunction(path string, fn interface{})

RegisterHTTPFunction registers fn as an HTTP function. Maintained for backward compatibility. Please use RegisterHTTPFunctionContext instead.

func RegisterHTTPFunctionContext added in v1.1.0

func RegisterHTTPFunctionContext(ctx context.Context, path string, fn func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)) error

RegisterHTTPFunctionContext registers fn as an HTTP function.

func Start

func Start(port string) error

Start serves an HTTP server with registered function(s).


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