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Kubelet interactions with cAdvisor.



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const (
	// Please keep this in sync with the one in:
	CrioSocket = "/var/run/crio/crio.sock"


This section is empty.


func CapacityFromMachineInfo added in v1.2.0

func CapacityFromMachineInfo(info *cadvisorapi.MachineInfo) v1.ResourceList

func EphemeralStorageCapacityFromFsInfo added in v1.8.0

func EphemeralStorageCapacityFromFsInfo(info cadvisorapi2.FsInfo) v1.ResourceList

func UsingLegacyCadvisorStats added in v1.9.0

func UsingLegacyCadvisorStats(runtime, runtimeEndpoint string) bool

CRI integrations should get container metrics via CRI. Docker uses the built-in cadvisor to gather such metrics on Linux for historical reasons. cri-o relies on cadvisor as a temporary workaround. The code should be removed. Related issue: UsingLegacyCadvisorStats returns true if container stats are provided by cadvisor instead of through the CRI


type ImageFsInfoProvider added in v1.8.0

type ImageFsInfoProvider interface {
	// ImageFsInfoLabel returns the label cAdvisor should use to find the filesystem holding container images.
	ImageFsInfoLabel() (string, error)

ImageFsInfoProvider informs cAdvisor how to find imagefs for container images.

func NewImageFsInfoProvider added in v1.8.0

func NewImageFsInfoProvider(runtime, runtimeEndpoint string) ImageFsInfoProvider

NewImageFsInfoProvider returns a provider for the specified runtime configuration.

type Interface

type Interface interface {
	Start() error
	DockerContainer(name string, req *cadvisorapi.ContainerInfoRequest) (cadvisorapi.ContainerInfo, error)
	ContainerInfo(name string, req *cadvisorapi.ContainerInfoRequest) (*cadvisorapi.ContainerInfo, error)
	ContainerInfoV2(name string, options cadvisorapiv2.RequestOptions) (map[string]cadvisorapiv2.ContainerInfo, error)
	SubcontainerInfo(name string, req *cadvisorapi.ContainerInfoRequest) (map[string]*cadvisorapi.ContainerInfo, error)
	MachineInfo() (*cadvisorapi.MachineInfo, error)

	VersionInfo() (*cadvisorapi.VersionInfo, error)

	// Returns usage information about the filesystem holding container images.
	ImagesFsInfo() (cadvisorapiv2.FsInfo, error)

	// Returns usage information about the root filesystem.
	RootFsInfo() (cadvisorapiv2.FsInfo, error)

	// Get events streamed through passedChannel that fit the request.
	WatchEvents(request *events.Request) (*events.EventChannel, error)

	// Get filesystem information for the filesystem that contains the given file.
	GetDirFsInfo(path string) (cadvisorapiv2.FsInfo, error)

Interface is an abstract interface for testability. It abstracts the interface to cAdvisor.

func New

func New(imageFsInfoProvider ImageFsInfoProvider, rootPath string, usingLegacyStats bool) (Interface, error)


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