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const ProviderName = "cloudstack"

ProviderName is the name of this cloud provider.


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type CSCloud

type CSCloud struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CSCloud is an implementation of Interface for CloudStack.

func (*CSCloud) AddSSHKeyToAllInstances added in v1.8.0

func (cs *CSCloud) AddSSHKeyToAllInstances(ctx context.Context, user string, keyData []byte) error

AddSSHKeyToAllInstances is currently not implemented.

func (*CSCloud) Clusters

func (cs *CSCloud) Clusters() (cloudprovider.Clusters, bool)

Clusters returns an implementation of Clusters for CloudStack.

func (*CSCloud) CurrentNodeName added in v1.8.0

func (cs *CSCloud) CurrentNodeName(ctx context.Context, hostname string) (types.NodeName, error)

CurrentNodeName returns the name of the node we are currently running on.

func (*CSCloud) EnsureLoadBalancer

func (cs *CSCloud) EnsureLoadBalancer(ctx context.Context, clusterName string, service *v1.Service, nodes []*v1.Node) (status *v1.LoadBalancerStatus, err error)

EnsureLoadBalancer creates a new load balancer, or updates the existing one. Returns the status of the balancer.

func (*CSCloud) EnsureLoadBalancerDeleted

func (cs *CSCloud) EnsureLoadBalancerDeleted(ctx context.Context, clusterName string, service *v1.Service) error

EnsureLoadBalancerDeleted deletes the specified load balancer if it exists, returning nil if the load balancer specified either didn't exist or was successfully deleted.

func (*CSCloud) GetLoadBalancer

func (cs *CSCloud) GetLoadBalancer(ctx context.Context, clusterName string, service *v1.Service) (*v1.LoadBalancerStatus, bool, error)

GetLoadBalancer returns whether the specified load balancer exists, and if so, what its status is.

func (*CSCloud) GetLoadBalancerName added in v1.12.0

func (cs *CSCloud) GetLoadBalancerName(ctx context.Context, clusterName string, service *v1.Service) string

GetLoadBalancerName retrieves the name of the LoadBalancer.

func (*CSCloud) GetZone

func (cs *CSCloud) GetZone(ctx context.Context) (cloudprovider.Zone, error)

GetZone returns the Zone containing the region that the program is running in.

func (*CSCloud) GetZoneByNodeName added in v1.8.0

func (cs *CSCloud) GetZoneByNodeName(ctx context.Context, nodeName types.NodeName) (cloudprovider.Zone, error)

GetZoneByNodeName returns the Zone, found by using the node name.

func (*CSCloud) GetZoneByProviderID added in v1.8.0

func (cs *CSCloud) GetZoneByProviderID(ctx context.Context, providerID string) (cloudprovider.Zone, error)

GetZoneByProviderID returns the Zone, found by using the provider ID.

func (*CSCloud) HasClusterID added in v1.8.0

func (cs *CSCloud) HasClusterID() bool

HasClusterID returns true if the cluster has a clusterID

func (*CSCloud) Initialize added in v1.7.0

func (cs *CSCloud) Initialize(clientBuilder cloudprovider.ControllerClientBuilder, stop <-chan struct{})

Initialize passes a Kubernetes clientBuilder interface to the cloud provider

func (*CSCloud) InstanceExistsByProviderID added in v1.8.0

func (cs *CSCloud) InstanceExistsByProviderID(ctx context.Context, providerID string) (bool, error)

InstanceExistsByProviderID returns if the instance still exists.

func (*CSCloud) InstanceID added in v1.8.0

func (cs *CSCloud) InstanceID(ctx context.Context, name types.NodeName) (string, error)

InstanceID returns the cloud provider ID of the specified instance.

func (*CSCloud) InstanceShutdownByProviderID added in v1.11.0

func (cs *CSCloud) InstanceShutdownByProviderID(ctx context.Context, providerID string) (bool, error)

InstanceShutdownByProviderID returns true if the instance is in safe state to detach volumes

func (*CSCloud) InstanceType added in v1.8.0

func (cs *CSCloud) InstanceType(ctx context.Context, name types.NodeName) (string, error)

InstanceType returns the type of the specified instance.

func (*CSCloud) InstanceTypeByProviderID added in v1.8.0

func (cs *CSCloud) InstanceTypeByProviderID(ctx context.Context, providerID string) (string, error)

InstanceTypeByProviderID returns the type of the specified instance.

func (*CSCloud) Instances

func (cs *CSCloud) Instances() (cloudprovider.Instances, bool)

Instances returns an implementation of Instances for CloudStack.

func (*CSCloud) LoadBalancer

func (cs *CSCloud) LoadBalancer() (cloudprovider.LoadBalancer, bool)

LoadBalancer returns an implementation of LoadBalancer for CloudStack.

func (*CSCloud) NodeAddresses added in v1.8.0

func (cs *CSCloud) NodeAddresses(ctx context.Context, name types.NodeName) ([]v1.NodeAddress, error)

NodeAddresses returns the addresses of the specified instance.

func (*CSCloud) NodeAddressesByProviderID added in v1.8.0

func (cs *CSCloud) NodeAddressesByProviderID(ctx context.Context, providerID string) ([]v1.NodeAddress, error)

NodeAddressesByProviderID returns the addresses of the specified instance.

func (*CSCloud) ProviderName

func (cs *CSCloud) ProviderName() string

ProviderName returns the cloud provider ID.

func (*CSCloud) Routes

func (cs *CSCloud) Routes() (cloudprovider.Routes, bool)

Routes returns an implementation of Routes for CloudStack.

func (*CSCloud) UpdateLoadBalancer

func (cs *CSCloud) UpdateLoadBalancer(ctx context.Context, clusterName string, service *v1.Service, nodes []*v1.Node) error

UpdateLoadBalancer updates hosts under the specified load balancer.

func (*CSCloud) Zones

func (cs *CSCloud) Zones() (cloudprovider.Zones, bool)

Zones returns an implementation of Zones for CloudStack.

type CSConfig

type CSConfig struct {
	Global struct {
		APIURL      string `gcfg:"api-url"`
		APIKey      string `gcfg:"api-key"`
		SecretKey   string `gcfg:"secret-key"`
		SSLNoVerify bool   `gcfg:"ssl-no-verify"`
		ProjectID   string `gcfg:"project-id"`
		Zone        string `gcfg:"zone"`

CSConfig wraps the config for the CloudStack cloud provider.

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