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var GcloudCommonFlags = []string{

    GcloudCommonFlags is a slice of common flags that should be added as arguments to all executions of the external gcloud command.


    func ExecCommand

    func ExecCommand(cmd *exec.Cmd, dir string) (string, error)

      ExecCommand executes an exec.Cmd. If the command exits successfully, its stdout will be returned. If there's an error, the command's combined stdout and stderr will be returned in an error. The command will be run in the provided directory.

      func LoadTestEndpoints

      func LoadTestEndpoints() *openapi3.Swagger

        LoadTestEndpoints loads a default test endpoint request (a GET / request expecting a 200 status code) into an openapi3.Swagger object (see

        func ValidateEndpoints

        func ValidateEndpoints(serviceURL string, paths *openapi3.Paths, identityToken string) (bool, error)

          ValidateEndpoints tests all paths (represented by openapi3.Paths) with all HTTP methods and given response bodies and make sure they respond with the expected status code. Returns a success bool based on whether all the tests passed.


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