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Published: Nov 5, 2022 License: MIT


King Arthur's Gold Stats Collector

KAG (King Arthur's Gold) is a 2d, action, platforming, medieval themed multiplayer game. You can find out more about the game on the website: https://kag2d.com/en/

This is a stats collector for the game, it connects to the game server using the open TCP socket and listens for specific events. The events are then logged into a database.

You can view the trello board with road map of items to be done and backlog: https://trello.com/b/WR8dcqD7/kag-stats

Stats Mod

The game server runs a mod that captures events and writes formatted information to the TCP connection.


The collector connects to the game server, captures events and puts new entries in the database. A single collector can connect to multiple game servers.


The collector provides the option to launch a monitoring web server. That shows basic information about the Collector and all the status of connections to game servers.


Because we're collecting so much data, fetching stats directly from the database such as k/d per class can be costly and slow. As such instead an indexer service will take the raw data and incrementally write out stats such as k/d, nemesis, most played server, etc.


The webserver is responsible for displaying and browsing stats. It will also have an API layer that talks to the database to fetch stats compiled by the ingestion.

Building and Running

Install docker and docker-compose

docker-compose build will build all the images docker-compose build <service name> will build the image for a specific service

docker-compose up -d Will start all the services After that you can do docker logs -f kagstats_basic-indexer_1 to see the logs of one of the indexers. Or you can use the mysql command line to access the database. The API is also setup by the docker-compose file at localhost:8080

To tear down the environment run: docker-compose down and docker-compose stop

Developing 3rd party apps using the KAG Stats api

visit https://kagstats.com/api/swagger/index.html

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