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Package storage is the collection of different storage interfaces that are shared by two or more components.

If a storage is used by only one component, its interface should be defined in the component package, and implementations under ./plugin/storage/{db_name}/{store_type}/....



var (
	// ErrArchiveStorageNotConfigured can be returned by the ArchiveFactory when the archive storage is not configured.
	ErrArchiveStorageNotConfigured = errors.New("archive storage not configured")

	// ErrArchiveStorageNotSupported can be returned by the ArchiveFactory when the archive storage is not supported by the backend.
	ErrArchiveStorageNotSupported = errors.New("archive storage not supported")

type ArchiveFactory

type ArchiveFactory interface {
	// CreateArchiveSpanReader creates a spanstore.Reader.
	CreateArchiveSpanReader() (spanstore.Reader, error)

	// CreateArchiveSpanWriter creates a spanstore.Writer.
	CreateArchiveSpanWriter() (spanstore.Writer, error)

ArchiveFactory is an additional interface that can be implemented by a factory to support trace archiving.

type Factory

type Factory interface {
	// Initialize performs internal initialization of the factory, such as opening connections to the backend store.
	// It is called after all configuration of the factory itself has been done.
	Initialize(metricsFactory metrics.Factory, logger *zap.Logger) error

	// CreateSpanReader creates a spanstore.Reader.
	CreateSpanReader() (spanstore.Reader, error)

	// CreateSpanWriter creates a spanstore.Writer.
	CreateSpanWriter() (spanstore.Writer, error)

	// CreateDependencyReader creates a dependencystore.Reader.
	CreateDependencyReader() (dependencystore.Reader, error)

Factory defines an interface for a factory that can create implementations of different storage components. Implementations are also encouraged to implement plugin.Configurable interface.

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