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Hsc Usage

hsc is the command line interface to Hyperspace, for use by power users and those on headless servers. It comes as a part of the command line package, and can be run as ./hsc from the same folder, or just by calling hsc if you move the binary into your path.

Most of the following commands have online help. For example, executing hsc wallet send help will list the arguments for that command, while hsc host help will list the commands that can be called pertaining to hosting. hsc help will list all of the top level command groups that can be used.

You can change the address of where hsd is pointing using the -a flag. For example, hsc -a :9000 status will display the status of the hsd instance launched on the local machine with hsd -a :9000.

Common tasks

  • hsc consensus view block height


  • hsc wallet init [-p] initilize a wallet
  • hsc wallet unlock unlock a wallet
  • hsc wallet balance retrieve wallet balance
  • hsc wallet address get a wallet address
  • hsc wallet send [amount] [dest] sends hscoin to an address


  • hsc renter list list all renter files
  • hsc renter upload [filepath] [nickname] upload a file
  • hsc renter download [nickname] [filepath] download a file

Full Descriptions

Wallet tasks
  • hsc wallet init [-p] encrypts and initializes the wallet. If the -p flag is provided, an encryption password is requested from the user. Otherwise the initial seed is used as the encryption password. The wallet must be initialized and unlocked before any actions can be performed on the wallet.


user@hostname:~$ hsc -a :9920 wallet init
Seed is:
 cider sailor incur sober feast unhappy mundane sadness hinder aglow imitate amaze duties arrow gigantic uttered inflamed girth myriad jittery hexagon nail lush reef sushi pastry southern inkling acquire

Wallet encrypted with password: cider sailor incur sober feast unhappy mundane sadness hinder aglow imitate amaze duties arrow gigantic uttered inflamed girth myriad jittery hexagon nail lush reef sushi pastry southern inkling acquire
user@hostname:~$ hsc -a :9920 wallet init -p
Wallet password:
Seed is:
 potato haunted fuming lordship library vane fever powder zippers fabrics dexterity hoisting emails pebbles each vampire rockets irony summon sailor lemon vipers foxes oneself glide cylinder vehicle mews acoustic

Wallet encrypted with given password
  • hsc wallet unlock prompts the user for the encryption password to the wallet, supplied by the init command. The wallet must be initialized and unlocked before any actions can take place.

  • hsc wallet balance prints information about your wallet.


user@hostname:~$ hsc wallet balance
Wallet status:
Encrypted, Unlocked
Confirmed Balance:   61516458.00 SPACE
Unconfirmed Balance: 64516461.00 SPACE
Exact:               61516457999999999999999999999999 H
  • hsc wallet address returns a never seen before address for sending hscoins to.

  • hsc wallet send [amount] [dest] Sends amount hscoins to dest. amount is in the form XXXXUU where an X is a number and U is a unit, for example MS, S, mS, ps, etc. If no unit is given hastings is assumed. dest must be a valid hscoin address.

  • hsc wallet lock locks a wallet. After calling, the wallet must be unlocked using the encryption password in order to use it further

  • hsc wallet seeds returns the list of secret seeds in use by the wallet. These can be used to regenerate the wallet

  • hsc wallet addseed prompts the user for his encryption password, as well as a new secret seed. The wallet will then incorporate this seed into itself. This can be used for wallet recovery and merging.

Host tasks
  • host config [setting] [value]

is used to configure hosting.

In version 1.2.2, Hyperspace hosting is configured as follows:

Setting Value
acceptingcontracts Yes or No
maxduration in weeks, at least 12
collateral in SPACE / TB / Month, 10-1000
collateralbudget in SPACE
maxcollateral in SPACE, max per contract
mincontractprice minimum price in SPACE per contract
mindownloadbandwidthprice in SPACE / TB
minstorageprice in SPACE / TB
minuploadbandwidthprice in SPACE / TB

You can call this many times to configure you host before announcing. Alternatively, you can manually adjust these parameters inside the host/config.json file.

  • hsc host announce makes an host announcement. You may optionally supply a specific address to be announced; this allows you to announce a domain name. Announcing a second time after changing settings is not necessary, as the announcement only contains enough information to reach your host.

  • hsc host -v outputs some of your hosting settings.


user@hostname:~$ hsc host -v
Host settings:
Storage:      2.0000 TB (1.524 GB used)
Price:        0.000 SC per GB per month
Collateral:   0
Max Filesize: 10000000000
Max Duration: 8640
Contracts:    32
  • hsc hostdb -v prints a list of all the know active hosts on the network.
Renter tasks
  • hsc renter upload [filename] [nickname] uploads a file to the Hyperspace network. filename is the path to the file you want to upload, and nickname is what you will use to refer to that file in the network. For example, it is common to have the nickname be the same as the filename.

  • hsc renter list displays a list of the your uploaded files currently on the Hyperspace network by nickname, and their filesizes.

  • hsc renter download [nickname] [destination] downloads a file from the Hyperspace network onto your computer. nickname is the name used to refer to your file in the Hyperspace network, and destination is the path to where the file will be. If a file already exists there, it will be overwritten.

  • hsc renter rename [nickname] [newname] changes the nickname of a file.

  • hsc renter delete [nickname] removes a file from your list of stored files. This does not remove it from the network, but only from your saved list.

  • hsc renter queue shows the download queue. This is only relevant if you have multiple downloads happening simultaneously.

Gateway tasks
  • hsc gateway prints info about the gateway, including its address and how many peers it's connected to.

  • hsc gateway list prints a list of all currently connected peers.

  • hsc gateway connect [address:port] manually connects to a peer and adds it to the gateway's node list.

  • hsc gateway disconnect [address:port] manually disconnects from a peer, but leaves it in the gateway's node list.

Miner tasks
  • hsc miner status returns information about the miner. It is only valid for when hsd is running.

  • hsc miner start starts running the CPU miner on one thread. This is virtually useless outside of debugging.

  • hsc miner stop halts the CPU miner.

General commands
  • hsc consensus prints the current block ID, current block height, and current target.

  • hsc stop sends the stop signal to hsd to safely terminate. This has the same affect as C^c on the terminal.

  • hsc version displays the version string of hsc.

  • hsc update checks the server for updates.


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