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var ConfigMapKindStr = "ConfigMap"
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var SecretKindStr = "Secret"
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var SercertReferredMarker = "IsReferredBySub-"

SercertReferredMarker is used as a label key to filter out the secert coming from reference

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var SubscriptionGVK = schema.GroupVersionKind{
	Group:   appv1alpha1.SchemeGroupVersion.Group,
	Kind:    "Subscription",
	Version: appv1alpha1.SchemeGroupVersion.Version}


func Add

func Add(mgr manager.Manager, hubconfig *rest.Config) error

Add creates a new Subscription Controller and adds it to the Manager. The Manager will set fields on the Controller and Start it when the Manager is Started.


type ReconcileSubscription

type ReconcileSubscription struct {
	// This client, initialized using mgr.Client() above, is a split client
	// that reads objects from the cache and writes to the apiserver
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ReconcileSubscription reconciles a Subscription object

func (*ReconcileSubscription) DeleteReferredObjects

func (r *ReconcileSubscription) DeleteReferredObjects(rq types.NamespacedName, gvk schema.GroupVersionKind) error

func (*ReconcileSubscription) ListAndDeployReferredObject

func (r *ReconcileSubscription) ListAndDeployReferredObject(instance *appv1alpha1.Subscription, gvk schema.GroupVersionKind, refObj referredObject) error

func (*ReconcileSubscription) Reconcile

func (r *ReconcileSubscription) Reconcile(request reconcile.Request) (reconcile.Result, error)

Reconcile reads that state of the cluster for a Subscription object and makes changes based on the state read and what is in the Subscription.Spec