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const PluginType = "server"


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func Init

func Init(bp *handler.BP, args interface{}) (p handler.Plugin, err error)


type Args

type Args struct {
	Server               []*ServerConfig `yaml:"server"`
	Entry                []interface{}   `yaml:"entry"`
	MaxConcurrentQueries int             `yaml:"max_concurrent_queries"`

type ServerConfig

type ServerConfig struct {
	// Protocol: server protocol, can be:
	// "", "udp" -> udp
	// "tcp" -> tcp
	// "dot", "tls" -> dns over tls
	// "doh", "https" -> dns over https (rfc 8844)
	// "http" -> dns over https (rfc 8844) but without tls
	Protocol string `yaml:"protocol"`

	// Addr: server "host:port" addr.
	// Addr cannot be empty.
	Addr string `yaml:"addr"`

	Cert                string `yaml:"cert"`                    // certificate path, used by dot, doh
	Key                 string `yaml:"key"`                     // certificate key path, used by dot, doh
	URLPath             string `yaml:"url_path"`                // used by doh, http. If it's emtpy, any path will be handled.
	GetUserIPFromHeader string `yaml:"get_user_ip_from_header"` // used by doh, http.

	Timeout     uint `yaml:"timeout"`      // (sec) used by all protocol as query timeout, default is defaultQueryTimeout.
	IdleTimeout uint `yaml:"idle_timeout"` // (sec) used by tcp, dot, doh as connection idle timeout, default is defaultIdleTimeout.

ServerConfig is not safe for concurrent use.

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