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const (
	ModuleName            = "evidence"
	DefaultParamspace     = ModuleName
	DefaultMaxEvidenceAge = 60 * 2 * time.Second

Default parameter values

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const (
	RouteEquivocation = "equivocation"
	TypeEquivocation  = "equivocation"

Evidence type constants


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var (

	// ModuleCdc references the global x/evidence module codec. Note, the codec should
	// ONLY be used in certain instances of tests and for JSON encoding as Amino is
	// still used for that purpose.
	// The actual codec used for serialization should be provided to x/evidence and
	// defined at the application level.
	ModuleCdc = codec.NewAminoCodec(amino)


This section is empty.


type Equivocation

type Equivocation struct {
	Height           int64           `json:"height" yaml:"height"`
	Time             time.Time       `json:"time" yaml:"time"`
	Power            int64           `json:"power" yaml:"power"`
	ConsensusAddress sdk.ConsAddress `json:"consensus_address" yaml:"consensus_address"`

Equivocation implements the Evidence interface and defines evidence of double signing misbehavior.

func (Equivocation) GetHeight

func (e Equivocation) GetHeight() int64

GetHeight returns the height at time of the Equivocation infraction.

func (Equivocation) Hash

func (e Equivocation) Hash() tmbytes.HexBytes

Hash returns the hash of an Equivocation object.

func (Equivocation) Route

func (e Equivocation) Route() string

Route returns the Evidence Handler route for an Equivocation type.

func (Equivocation) String

func (e Equivocation) String() string

func (Equivocation) Type

func (e Equivocation) Type() string

Type returns the Evidence Handler type for an Equivocation type.

func (Equivocation) ValidateBasic

func (e Equivocation) ValidateBasic() error

ValidateBasic performs basic stateless validation checks on an Equivocation object.

type Evidence

type Evidence interface {
	Route() string
	Type() string
	String() string
	Hash() tmbytes.HexBytes
	ValidateBasic() error

	// Height at which the infraction occurred
	GetHeight() int64

Evidence defines the contract which concrete evidence types of misbehavior must implement.

type GenesisState

type GenesisState struct {
	Params   Params     `json:"params" yaml:"params"`
	Evidence []Evidence `json:"evidence" yaml:"evidence"`

GenesisState defines the evidence module's genesis state.

type Params

type Params struct {
	MaxEvidenceAge time.Duration `json:"max_evidence_age" yaml:"max_evidence_age"`

Params defines the total set of parameters for the evidence module

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