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A small API emailing solution.

assets/front.png A front end application is available at the following adress : https://github.com/edwinvautier/spidermail-front/

💡 It's strongly advised to start the API before the front-end.

You can acces the API documentation here : https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/6583625/TVRoYSTS


If you use docker you will only need:

  • Docker;
  • Docker-Compose;

Create your .env and .env.local file and add provider_key and provider_secret to your gmail application

Refer to Docker-Setup to install with docker.

If not, to run this project, you will need to install the following dependencies on your system:


build instructions

On linux, if you have a permission denied error on mysql_data, run :

sudo chown -R <user>:<user> ./mysql_data

Branch naming convention

You branch should have a name that reflects it's purpose.

It should use the same guidelines as COMMIT_CONVENTIONS (feat, fix, build, perf, docs), followed by an underscore (_) and a very quick summary of the subject in [kebab case][1].

Example: feat_add-image-tag-database-relation.

Pull requests (PR)

Pull requests in this project follow two conventions, you will need to use the templates available in the ISSUE_TEMPLATE folder :

If your pull request is still work in progress, please add "WIP: " (Work In Progress) in front of the title, therefor you inform the maintainers that your work is not done, and we can't merge it.

The naming of the PR should follow the same rules as the COMMIT_CONVENTIONS

Git hooks

Git hooks are placed in .git/hooks. The only existing hook for now is a pre-commit hook that will run gofmt -e . command.


We use go linter gofmt to automatically formats the source code.


Jason Gauvin

Jacques Maarek

Corto Dufour

Edwin Vautier


The Go Gopher

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