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Package auth provides configuration fields and implementations of HTTP request authentication strategies.



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type BasicAuthConfig

type BasicAuthConfig struct {
	Enabled  bool   `json:"enabled" yaml:"enabled"`
	Username string `json:"username" yaml:"username"`
	Password string `json:"password" yaml:"password"`

BasicAuthConfig contains fields for setting basic authentication in HTTP requests.

func NewBasicAuthConfig

func NewBasicAuthConfig() BasicAuthConfig

NewBasicAuthConfig returns a default configuration for basic authentication in HTTP client requests.

func (BasicAuthConfig) Sign

func (basic BasicAuthConfig) Sign(req *http.Request) error

Sign method to sign an HTTP request for an OAuth exchange.

type Config

type Config struct {
	OAuth     OAuthConfig     `json:"oauth" yaml:"oauth"`
	BasicAuth BasicAuthConfig `json:"basic_auth" yaml:"basic_auth"`

Config contains configuration params for various HTTP auth strategies.

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() Config

NewConfig creates a new Config with default values.

func (Config) Sign

func (c Config) Sign(req *http.Request) error

Sign method to sign an HTTP request for configured auth strategies.

type OAuthConfig

type OAuthConfig struct {
	Enabled           bool   `json:"enabled" yaml:"enabled"`
	ConsumerKey       string `json:"consumer_key" yaml:"consumer_key"`
	ConsumerSecret    string `json:"consumer_secret" yaml:"consumer_secret"`
	AccessToken       string `json:"access_token" yaml:"access_token"`
	AccessTokenSecret string `json:"access_token_secret" yaml:"access_token_secret"`
	RequestURL        string `json:"request_url" yaml:"request_url"`

OAuthConfig holds the configuration parameters for an OAuth exchange.

func NewOAuthConfig

func NewOAuthConfig() OAuthConfig

NewOAuthConfig returns a new OAuthConfig with default values.

func (OAuthConfig) Sign

func (oauth OAuthConfig) Sign(req *http.Request) error

Sign method to sign an HTTP request for an OAuth exchange.

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