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func Append

func Append() template.FuncMap

Append appends one string to the other, function inside templates

func Atoi

func Atoi() template.FuncMap

Atoi makes an atoi function inside templates

func Contains

func Contains() template.FuncMap

Contains checks is a value is inside an array

func DeadlineDue

func DeadlineDue() template.FuncMap

DeadlineDue returns a boolean if the time given is passed current time Usage: {{if DEADLINEDUE .SomeTime}}...{{end}}

func Equals

func Equals() template.FuncMap

Equals function similar to eq

func GetLogType

func GetLogType() template.FuncMap

GetLogType gets the log type from the activity id, function inside templates

func GetUsername

func GetUsername() template.FuncMap

GetUsername is a template function that converts user id to username

func HasPrefix

func HasPrefix() template.FuncMap

HasPrefix func

func INT64toINT

func INT64toINT() template.FuncMap

INT64toINT converts int64 to int, function inside templates

func Increment

func Increment() template.FuncMap

Increment takes in an int and returns is plus one

func Itoa

func Itoa() template.FuncMap

Itoa converts an integer to a string

func MDConvert

func MDConvert() template.FuncMap

MDConvert convert markdown text to HTML text within the parser Usage: {{ MDCONVERT .Text }}

func Minus

func Minus() template.FuncMap

Minus function to substract two ints

func NullInt64EqualsInt

func NullInt64EqualsInt() template.FuncMap

NullInt64EqualsInt function similar to eq

func NullInt64MinusInt

func NullInt64MinusInt() template.FuncMap

NullInt64MinusInt function to substract two ints

func PrettyTime

func PrettyTime() template.FuncMap

PrettyTime formats time.Time formats to a prettier format for displaying in HTML Usage: {{PRETTYTIME .Deadline}}

func Review

func Review() template.FuncMap

Review create template function maps related to reviews

func SplitChoices

func SplitChoices() template.FuncMap

SplitChoices splits a string by "," (comma) and returns a string-slice

func SplitString

func SplitString() template.FuncMap

SplitString splits a string into an array

func Sprintf

func Sprintf() template.FuncMap

Sprintf func


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