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const (
	// AnySecurityGroup matches any security group in AddressType.
	AnySecurityGroup = "any"
	// LocalSecurityGroup matches the local security group in AddressType.
	LocalSecurityGroup = "local"
	// UnspecifiedSecurityGroup doesn't match against the security group in AddressType.
	UnspecifiedSecurityGroup = ""

	// IPv4ZeroValue is the zero IPv4 address.
	IPv4ZeroValue = ""
	// IPv6ZeroValue is the zero IPv6 address.
	IPv6ZeroValue = "::"
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const (
	DefaultPortRangeStart = 50000
	DefaultPortRangeEnd   = 50512

BGP constants.

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const (
	//L3VPNType is one of BGPVPN types
	L3VPNType = "l3"
	//L2VPNType is one of BGPVPN types
	L2VPNType = "l2"
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const (
	DefaultMatchTagType               = "application"
	FirewallPolicyTagNameGlobalPrefix = "global:"
	Endpoint1Index                    = 1
	Endpoint2Index                    = 2

FirewallRule constants.

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const (
	UserDefinedSubnet = "user-defined-subnet"
	AutoSubnet        = "auto-subnet"
	FlatSubnet        = "flat-subnet"

IPAM subnet methods.

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const (
	// SRCToDSTDirection is the standard direction in PolicyRuleType.
	SRCToDSTDirection = ">"

	// IPv6Ethertype is the Ethertype for IPv6.
	IPv6Ethertype = "IPv6"
	// IPv4Ethertype is the Ethertype for IPv4.
	IPv4Ethertype = "IPv4"

	// AnyProtocol matches any protocol in PolicyRuleType.
	AnyProtocol = "any"
	// ICMPProtocol matches ICMP protocol in PolicyRuleType.
	ICMPProtocol = "icmp"
	// TCPProtocol matches TCP protocol in PolicyRuleType.
	TCPProtocol = "tcp"
	// UDPProtocol matches UDP protocol in PolicyRuleType.
	UDPProtocol = "udp"
	// ICMP6Protocol matches ICMPv6 protocol in PolicyRuleType.
	ICMP6Protocol = "icmp6"
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const (
	PropCollectionUpdateOperationAdd    = "add"
	PropCollectionUpdateOperationModify = "modify"
	PropCollectionUpdateOperationSet    = "set"
	PropCollectionUpdateOperationDelete = "delete"

PropCollectionUpdate operations.

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const (
	L3Mode   = "l3"
	L2L3Mode = "l2_l3"

Virtual network forwarding modes.

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const (
	UserDefinedSubnetOnly      = "user-defined-subnet-only"
	UserDefinedSubnetPreferred = "user-defined-subnet-preferred"
	FlatSubnetOnly             = "flat-subnet-only"

TODO: Enums strings should be generated from schema

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const (
	DefaultSecurityGroupName = "default"

DefaultSecurityGroupName is the Name of a project's default SecurityGroup.

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const (
	ServiceHealthCheckLinkLocalType = "link-local"

Available ServiceHealthCheck types.


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var TagTypeIDs = map[string]int64{
	"label":       0,
	"application": 1,
	"tier":        2,
	"deployment":  3,
	"site":        4,

TagTypeIDs contains tag-type names with corresponding ids


func CheckSubnetsOverlap

func CheckSubnetsOverlap(cidr1, cidr2 string) (bool, error)

CheckSubnetsOverlap checks if subnets overlaps.

func CreateTagName

func CreateTagName(tagType, tagValue string) string

CreateTagName constructs tag name from it's type and value.

func IsRouteTargetUserDefined

func IsRouteTargetUserDefined(routeTarget string, globalAsn int64) (bool, error)

IsRouteTargetUserDefined checks if route target was user defined.

func RouteTargetString

func RouteTargetString(asn int64, target int64) string

RouteTargetString constructs route target string for given asn and target number.

func TagTypeValueFromFQName

func TagTypeValueFromFQName(fqName []string) (tagType, tagValue string)

TagTypeValueFromFQName extracts type and value from tag's fqName.

func TagTypeValueFromName

func TagTypeValueFromName(name string) (tagType, tagValue string)

TagTypeValueFromName extracts type and value from tag's name.


type APIAccessLists

type APIAccessLists []*APIAccessList

APIAccessLists is a type in models package corresponding to []*rbac.APIAccessList.

func (APIAccessLists) ToRBAC

func (a APIAccessLists) ToRBAC() []*rbac.APIAccessList

ToRBAC translates objects to []*rbac.APIAccessList.

type PolicyAddressPair

type PolicyAddressPair struct {
	PolicyRule                        *PolicyRuleType
	SourceAddress, DestinationAddress *AddressType
	SourcePort, DestinationPort       *PortType

PolicyAddressPair is a single combination of source and destination specifications from a PolicyRuleType.

func (*PolicyAddressPair) IsIngress

func (pair *PolicyAddressPair) IsIngress() (bool, error)

IsIngress checks whether the pair is ingress (remote to local addresses) or egress (local to remote addresses).

type PolicyRulesWithRefs

type PolicyRulesWithRefs struct {
	Rules      []*PolicyRuleType
	FQNameToSG map[string]*SecurityGroup

PolicyRulesWithRefs is a list of policy rules together with resolved references to security groups whose names are mentioned in the rules.

func (*PolicyRulesWithRefs) ToACLRules

func (rs *PolicyRulesWithRefs) ToACLRules() (ingressRules, egressRules []*AclRuleType)

ToACLRules translates policy rules to ACL rules.

type PropCollectionUpdate

type PropCollectionUpdate struct {
	Field     string
	Operation string
	Value     interface{}
	Position  interface{}

PropCollectionUpdate holds update data for collection property (with CollectionType "map" or "list").

func (*PropCollectionUpdate) KeyForMap

func (u *PropCollectionUpdate) KeyForMap() (key string, err error)

KeyForMap validates MapProperty collection update.

func (*PropCollectionUpdate) PositionForList

func (u *PropCollectionUpdate) PositionForList() (position int, err error)

PositionForList parses position and validates operation for ListProperty collection update.

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