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func AddPluginsToManifest

func AddPluginsToManifest(objectStore core.ObjectStore, manifest *manifestType.Manifest, pluginLocations []string, manifestLocation string) (*manifestType.Manifest, error)

AddPluginsToManifest - Add all new plugin to the manifest update it if it's already there then write the manifest to disk

func ExtractParsersFromPlugins added in v0.3.0

func ExtractParsersFromPlugins(
	loadedPlugins []*PluginLoaded,
) (
	parsers map[string]kombustionTypes.ParserFunc,

ExtractParsersFromPlugins and ensure there are no clashes for plugin resource names

func GetCacheDir

func GetCacheDir() string

GetCacheDir - Get the users cache directory Make it if it doesn't exist

func InstallPlugins

func InstallPlugins(lockFile *lock.Lock) *lock.Lock

InstallPlugins - Get the lock file and then call installPluginsWithLock


type PluginLoaded

type PluginLoaded struct {
	Config         apiTypes.Config
	InternalConfig struct {
		Prefix     string
		PathOnDisk string

	// The Parser functions from the plugin
	Parsers *map[string]func(
		name string,
		data string,
	) []byte

PluginLoaded is a fully loaded plugin

func LoadDevPlugin

func LoadDevPlugin(pluginPath string) *PluginLoaded

LoadDevPlugin loads an arbitrary plugin for plugin developers, to ease plugin development. Only works with a kombustion binary that was built from source

func LoadPlugins

func LoadPlugins(manifestFile *manifest.Manifest, lockFile *lock.Lock) (loadedPlugins []*PluginLoaded)

LoadPlugins from a manifest and lockfile


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