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type LazyBrush

type LazyBrush struct {
	Radius float64

	Pointer LP.LazyPoint
	Brush   LP.LazyPoint

	Angle    float64
	Distance float64
	// contains filtered or unexported fields


* constructor
* @param {object} settings
* @param {number} settings.radius The radius for the lazy area
* @param {boolean} settings.enabled

func Init

func Init() LazyBrush

func (*LazyBrush) BrushHasMoved

func (l *LazyBrush) BrushHasMoved() bool


* Return if the previous update has moved the brush.
* @returns {boolean} Whether the brush moved previously.

func (*LazyBrush) Disable

func (l *LazyBrush) Disable()


* Disable lazy brush calculations.

func (*LazyBrush) Enable

func (l *LazyBrush) Enable()


* Enable lazy brush calculations.

func (*LazyBrush) GetAngle

func (l *LazyBrush) GetAngle() float64


* Return the angle between pointer and brush
* @returns {number} Angle in radians

func (*LazyBrush) GetBrush

func (l *LazyBrush) GetBrush() LP.LazyPoint


* Return the brush as a LazyPoint
* @returns {LazyPoint}

func (*LazyBrush) GetBrushCoordinates

func (l *LazyBrush) GetBrushCoordinates() map[string]int


* Return the brush coordinates as a simple object
* @returns {object}

func (*LazyBrush) GetDistance

func (l *LazyBrush) GetDistance() float64


* Return the distance between pointer and brush
* @returns {number} Distance in pixels

func (*LazyBrush) GetPointer

func (l *LazyBrush) GetPointer() LP.LazyPoint


* Return the pointer as a LazyPoint
* @returns {LazyPoint}

func (*LazyBrush) GetPointerCoordinates

func (l *LazyBrush) GetPointerCoordinates() map[string]int


* Return the pointer coordinates as a simple object
* @returns {object}

func (*LazyBrush) GetRadius

func (l *LazyBrush) GetRadius() float64


* Return the current radius
* @returns {number}

func (*LazyBrush) IsEnabled

func (l *LazyBrush) IsEnabled() bool


* @returns {boolean}

func (*LazyBrush) SetRadius

func (l *LazyBrush) SetRadius(r float64)


* Update the radius
* @param {number} radius

func (*LazyBrush) Update

func (l *LazyBrush) Update(newPointerPoint P.Point, both bool) bool


* Updates the pointer point and calculates the new brush point.
* @param {Point} newPointerPoint
* @param {Object} options
* @param {Boolean} options.both Force update pointer and brush
* @returns {Boolean} Whether any of the two points changed

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