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type LazyPoint

type LazyPoint struct {
	X, Y float64

func (*LazyPoint) EqualsTo

func (l *LazyPoint) EqualsTo(p P.Point) bool


  • Check if this point is the same as another point *
  • @param {Point} point
  • @returns {boolean}

func (*LazyPoint) GetAngleTo

func (l *LazyPoint) GetAngleTo(p P.Point) float64


  • Calculate the angle to another point *
  • @param {Point} point
  • @returns {Point}

func (*LazyPoint) GetDifferenceTo

func (l *LazyPoint) GetDifferenceTo(p P.Point) P.Point


  • Get the difference for x and y axis to another point *
  • @param {Point} point
  • @returns {Point}

func (*LazyPoint) GetDistanceTo

func (l *LazyPoint) GetDistanceTo(p P.Point) float64


  • Calculate distance to another point *
  • @param {Point} point
  • @returns {Point}

func (*LazyPoint) MoveByAngle

func (l *LazyPoint) MoveByAngle(angle, distance float64)


  • Move the point to another position using an angle and distance *
  • @param {number} angle The angle in radians
  • @param {number} distance How much the point should be moved

func (*LazyPoint) ToObject

func (l *LazyPoint) ToObject() map[string]int


  • Return a simple object with x and y properties *
  • @returns {object}

func (*LazyPoint) Update

func (l *LazyPoint) Update(p P.Point)


  • Update the x and y values *
  • @param {Point} point

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