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Published: Jun 28, 2021 License: Apache-2.0



CLI tool to jump to your browser directly to improve productivity

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By Homebrew

Install by homebrew.

$ brew install KeisukeYamashita/tap/biko
By source code

Install by source code.

$ go get

Then build it.

$ make install


Go to your target directly
Exaple1. Open GCP Cloud Spanner to specified project
$ biko gcp spanner --project my-spanner-project

If you don't specify the project, it will use the value configured by gcloud SDK config.

Example2. Open Datadog Dashboad
$ biko dd dashboard


You can configure your alias for whatever you want for frequently used projects, products, names, etc. For example, if you use the Cloud Function my-cloud-functions in region asia-northeast1, you can configure it like below in $HOME/.biko/config.toml.

	mcf = "my-cloud-functions"
	an1 = "asia-northeast1"

Now, you can open your page like below using the configured alias.

$ biko gcp functions -r as1 -n mcf

You can directly go to your page without waiting to load pages many times.


The supported provider are here.

  • Amazon Web Service(AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • CircleCI
  • Datadog
  • Firebase
  • GoogleCloudPlatform(GCP)
  • Github
  • Google
  • Pagerduty
  • Youtube
  • JIRA
  • Open AWS Console product page
  • To open region page, please pass --region, -r flag.
$ biko aws [product] [flag(s)]

Supported Product


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
EC2 Open EC2 ec2 -
ECR Open ECR ecr -
ECS Open ECR ecs -
EKS Open EKR eks -
Lambda Open Lambda lambda, lam -
Batch Open Batch batch, b -


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
S3 Open S3 page s3 -
EFS Open EFS page efs -


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
RDS Open RDS rds -
DynamoDB Open DynamoDB dynamo, dyn -
Neptune Open Neptune neptune, nep -
Redshift Open Redshift redshift, red, rs -


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
VPC Open VPC vpc -
Route53 Open Route53 route53, route, 53 -
  • Open Microsoft Azure console
$ biko azure [product] [flag(s)]
# or
$ biko az [product] [flag(s)]

Supported Product

Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Virtual Machines Open VM vm -
App Services Open App Services appservices, as, sites -
Function App Open Function App functions, f -
Storage Accounts Open Storage Accounts storage -
SQL Databases Open SQL Database sql -
Cosmos DB Open Cosmos Database cosmos -
  • Open CircleCI from your terminal.
  • You need to pass --org or configure BIKO_CIRCLECI
$ biko circleci [product] [flag(s)]
# or
$ biko cc [product] [flag(s)]
Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Jobs Open CircleCI Jobs jobs, j --project, -p
Workflows Open CircleCI Workflows workflows, wf --project, -p
  • datadog or dd command is supported for Datadog.
$ biko datadog [product] [flag(s)]
# or
$ biko dd [product] [flag(s)]

Supported Product

Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Watchdog Go to Watchdog Dashboard watchdog, wd -
Events Go to Events Dashboard events -
Dashboard Go to Dashboard page dashboard -
Infrastructure Go to Infrastructure page infrastructure -
Monitors Go to Monitors Dashboard moniters -
Integrations Go to Integrations page integrations -
APM Go to APM page apm -
Notebook Go to Notebook page notebook -
Logs Go to logs page logs --view, -v
Synthetics Go to synthetics page synthetics -
  • Open Google Firebase form your terminal.
  • Please pass --project to open supported products page.
$ biko firebase [product] [flag(s)]
# or
$ biko fb [product] [flag(s)]

Supported Product


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Authentication Go to auth authentications, auth -
Database Go to database database, db -
Storage Go to storage storage -
Hosting Go to Hosting hosting, host, h -
Functions Go to functions funcitons, func, f -
ML Kit Go to ML Kit ml -


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Crashlytics Go to cryshlytics crashlytics, crash -
Performance Go to performance performance, perf -
Test Lab Go to Test Lab testlab, tl -
App Distribution Go to App Distribution appdistribution, ad -


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Dashboard Go to dashboard dashboard -


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Grow Go to grow grow -
  • By default, it will open the project configured by gcloud command.
$ biko gcp [product] [flag(s)]

Supported Product


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
IAM & admin Go to IAM & admin logging iam -


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
App Engine Go to GAE Dashboard appengine, gae -
Compute Engine Go to GCE page compute -
Cloud Functions Go to Cloud Functions page or the functions detail functions, f --region, -r, --name, -n
Cloud Run Go to Cloud Run page or the deployments detail run --region, -r, --name, -n
KMS Go to security's cryptographic keys page kms -
Kubernetes Go to GKE page, or the cluster detail kubernetes, gke --region, -r, --name, -n --namespaces, -ns


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Cloud SQL Go to Cloud SQL sql -
Cloud Storage Go to Cloud Storage storage -
Spanner Go to spanner page, or the instance, database, table spanner --instance, -i, --database, -db, --table, -t


Product What Command Flags(Optional)


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Stackdriver Logging Go to Stackdriver logging logs, l -


Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Container Registry Go to container registry or the container detail gcr --name, -n


| Secret Manager | Go to secret manager's detail | secret-manager, sm, secretmanager, secretManager | --secret, -s |

Big Data

Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Bigquery Go to Bigquery top or the database, table bigquery, bq --database, -db, --table, -tb
Cloud PubSub Go to Cloud PubSub pubsub -
Cloud Dataflow Go to Cloud Dataflow dataflow -

Note that there is --project command flag for all commands.

  • Open Github from your terminal.
$ biko github [product] [flag(s)]
# or
$ biko gh [product] [flag(s)]
Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Dashboard Open github Dashboard dashboard, db --org
Trending Open github Treinding trending, t --language, -l, --since, -s
Repository Open github Repository repository, r --org, --name, -n
  • Open Google and search from your terminal.
$ biko google [product] [flag(s)]
# or
$ biko g [product] [flag(s)]
Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Search Search on Google search, s --query, -q

If you bump into something you want to lookup when you are using the terminal...

$ biko g s -q "How to configure biko"

Blazing fast.

Google Workspace
  • Open Google Workspace search from your terminal.
$ biko googleworkspace [product] [flag(s)]
# or
$ biko gw [product] [flag(s)]
Product What Command Flags(Optional)
drive Search on Google Drive drive, dr --query, -q
document Search on Google Docs document, doc --query, -q
document Create a new Google Docs document, doc --new, -n
spreadsheets Search on Google Sheets spreadsheets, ss --query, -q
spreadsheets Create a new Google Sheets spreadsheets, ss --new, -n
presentation Search on Google Slides presentation, pr --query, -q
presentation Create a new Google Slides presentation, pr --new, -n
forms Search on Google Forms forms, fm --query, -q
forms Create a new Google Forms forms, fm --new, -n
  • If you are using SSO, you need to pass --org or configure BIKO_PAGERDUTY
$ biko pagerduty [product] [flag(s)]
# or
$ biko pd [product] [flag(s)]
Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Incident Go to incident page incident, i -
Alert Go to alert page alert, a -
Schedules Go to schedules page schedules, s -
  • Open Youtube and search from your terminal.
$ biko youtube [product] [flag(s)]
# or
$ biko yt [product] [flag(s)]
Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Search Search on Youtube search, s --query, -q
  • If you are using SSO, you need to pass --org or configure BIKO_JIRA
  • If you are using Jira self-managed plan, you need to specify base URL by passing --base or setting BIKO_JIRA_BASE
  • This --project flag can be omitted by set BIKO_JIRA_PROJECT to the env variable
$ biko jira [product] [flag(s)]
# or
$ biko jr [product] [flag(s)]
Product What Command Flags(Optional)
Dashboard Go to dashboard page dashboard, db -
Projects Go to projects page projects, ps -
People Go to people page people, pp -
Issues Go to issues page issues, is -
Backlog Go to backlog page backlog, bl --project, -p
Reports Go to reports page reports, rp --project, -p

(Advanced): Docker image

You can execute the cli with docker image.

$ docker run biko help


Add a provider

You can add a provider by implementing this interface.

// Provider are interfaces ...
type Provider interface {
	Init(c *cli.Context) error
	GetTargetURL() (string, error)
  • Init will initialize your provider struct
  • GetTargetURL should return a URL which will the browser will open


KeisukeYamashita sapuri


KeisukeYamashita sapuri shopetan micnncim hirosassa


  • See docs/ for the project's roadmap.
    • Proposal are welcome.


Copyright 2019 The Biko Authors. Biko is released under the Apache License 2.0.


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