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type Allower

type Allower interface {
	// IsAllowed filters out nodes that are not allowed to connect to this subnet
	IsAllowed(nodeID ids.NodeID, isValidator bool) bool
var NoOpAllower Allower = noOpAllower{}

NoOpAllower is an Allower that always returns true

type Config

type Config struct {

	// ValidatorOnly indicates that this Subnet's Chains are available to only subnet validators.
	// No chain related messages will go out to non-validators.
	// Validators will drop messages received from non-validators.
	// Also see [AllowedNodes] to allow non-validators to connect to this Subnet.
	ValidatorOnly bool `json:"validatorOnly" yaml:"validatorOnly"`
	// AllowedNodes is the set of node IDs that are explicitly allowed to connect to this Subnet when
	// ValidatorOnly is enabled.
	AllowedNodes        set.Set[ids.NodeID] `json:"allowedNodes" yaml:"allowedNodes"`
	ConsensusParameters snowball.Parameters `json:"consensusParameters" yaml:"consensusParameters"`

	// ProposerMinBlockDelay is the minimum delay this node will enforce when
	// building a snowman++ block.
	// TODO: Remove this flag once all VMs throttle their own block production.
	ProposerMinBlockDelay time.Duration `json:"proposerMinBlockDelay" yaml:"proposerMinBlockDelay"`

func (*Config) Valid

func (c *Config) Valid() error

type GossipConfig

type GossipConfig struct {
	AcceptedFrontierValidatorSize    uint `json:"gossipAcceptedFrontierValidatorSize" yaml:"gossipAcceptedFrontierValidatorSize"`
	AcceptedFrontierNonValidatorSize uint `json:"gossipAcceptedFrontierNonValidatorSize" yaml:"gossipAcceptedFrontierNonValidatorSize"`
	AcceptedFrontierPeerSize         uint `json:"gossipAcceptedFrontierPeerSize" yaml:"gossipAcceptedFrontierPeerSize"`
	OnAcceptValidatorSize            uint `json:"gossipOnAcceptValidatorSize" yaml:"gossipOnAcceptValidatorSize"`
	OnAcceptNonValidatorSize         uint `json:"gossipOnAcceptNonValidatorSize" yaml:"gossipOnAcceptNonValidatorSize"`
	OnAcceptPeerSize                 uint `json:"gossipOnAcceptPeerSize" yaml:"gossipOnAcceptPeerSize"`
	AppGossipValidatorSize           uint `json:"appGossipValidatorSize" yaml:"appGossipValidatorSize"`
	AppGossipNonValidatorSize        uint `json:"appGossipNonValidatorSize" yaml:"appGossipNonValidatorSize"`
	AppGossipPeerSize                uint `json:"appGossipPeerSize" yaml:"appGossipPeerSize"`

type Subnet

type Subnet interface {

	// AddChain adds a chain to this Subnet
	AddChain(chainID ids.ID) bool

	// Config returns config of this Subnet
	Config() Config


Subnet keeps track of the currently bootstrapping chains in a subnet. If no chains in the subnet are currently bootstrapping, the subnet is considered bootstrapped.

func New

func New(myNodeID ids.NodeID, config Config) Subnet

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