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const (
	Add     RequestType  = "Add"
	Remove  RequestType  = "Remove"
	Network ResourceType = "Network"

RequestType const


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type AssignedDevice

type AssignedDevice struct {
	//  InterfaceClassGUID of the device to assign to container.
	InterfaceClassGUID string `json:"InterfaceClassGuid,omitempty"`

AssignedDevice represents a device that has been directly assigned to a container

NOTE: Support added in RS5

type ComputeSystemQuery

type ComputeSystemQuery struct {
	IDs    []string `json:"Ids,omitempty"`
	Types  []string `json:",omitempty"`
	Names  []string `json:",omitempty"`
	Owners []string `json:",omitempty"`

type ContainerConfig

type ContainerConfig struct {
	SystemType                  string              // HCS requires this to be hard-coded to "Container"
	Name                        string              // Name of the container. We use the docker ID.
	Owner                       string              `json:",omitempty"` // The management platform that created this container
	VolumePath                  string              `json:",omitempty"` // Windows volume path for scratch space. Used by Windows Server Containers only. Format \\?\\Volume{GUID}
	IgnoreFlushesDuringBoot     bool                `json:",omitempty"` // Optimization hint for container startup in Windows
	LayerFolderPath             string              `json:",omitempty"` // Where the layer folders are located. Used by Windows Server Containers only. Format  %root%\windowsfilter\containerID
	Layers                      []Layer             // List of storage layers. Required for Windows Server and Hyper-V Containers. Format ID=GUID;Path=%root%\windowsfilter\layerID
	Credentials                 string              `json:",omitempty"` // Credentials information
	ProcessorCount              uint32              `json:",omitempty"` // Number of processors to assign to the container.
	ProcessorWeight             uint64              `json:",omitempty"` // CPU shares (relative weight to other containers with cpu shares). Range is from 1 to 10000. A value of 0 results in default shares.
	ProcessorMaximum            int64               `json:",omitempty"` // Specifies the portion of processor cycles that this container can use as a percentage times 100. Range is from 1 to 10000. A value of 0 results in no limit.
	StorageIOPSMaximum          uint64              `json:",omitempty"` // Maximum Storage IOPS
	StorageBandwidthMaximum     uint64              `json:",omitempty"` // Maximum Storage Bandwidth in bytes per second
	StorageSandboxSize          uint64              `json:",omitempty"` // Size in bytes that the container system drive should be expanded to if smaller
	MemoryMaximumInMB           int64               `json:",omitempty"` // Maximum memory available to the container in Megabytes
	HostName                    string              `json:",omitempty"` // Hostname
	MappedDirectories           []MappedDir         `json:",omitempty"` // List of mapped directories (volumes/mounts)
	MappedPipes                 []MappedPipe        `json:",omitempty"` // List of mapped Windows named pipes
	HvPartition                 bool                // True if it a Hyper-V Container
	NetworkSharedContainerName  string              `json:",omitempty"` // Name (ID) of the container that we will share the network stack with.
	EndpointList                []string            `json:",omitempty"` // List of networking endpoints to be attached to container
	HvRuntime                   *HvRuntime          `json:",omitempty"` // Hyper-V container settings. Used by Hyper-V containers only. Format ImagePath=%root%\BaseLayerID\UtilityVM
	Servicing                   bool                `json:",omitempty"` // True if this container is for servicing
	AllowUnqualifiedDNSQuery    bool                `json:",omitempty"` // True to allow unqualified DNS name resolution
	DNSSearchList               string              `json:",omitempty"` // Comma seperated list of DNS suffixes to use for name resolution
	ContainerType               string              `json:",omitempty"` // "Linux" for Linux containers on Windows. Omitted otherwise.
	TerminateOnLastHandleClosed bool                `json:",omitempty"` // Should HCS terminate the container once all handles have been closed
	MappedVirtualDisks          []MappedVirtualDisk `json:",omitempty"` // Array of virtual disks to mount at start
	AssignedDevices             []AssignedDevice    `json:",omitempty"` // Array of devices to assign. NOTE: Support added in RS5

ContainerConfig is used as both the input of CreateContainer and to convert the parameters to JSON for passing onto the HCS

type ContainerProperties

type ContainerProperties struct {
	ID                           string `json:"Id"`
	State                        string
	Name                         string
	SystemType                   string
	RuntimeOSType                string `json:"RuntimeOsType,omitempty"`
	Owner                        string
	SiloGUID                     string                              `json:"SiloGuid,omitempty"`
	RuntimeID                    guid.GUID                           `json:"RuntimeId,omitempty"`
	IsRuntimeTemplate            bool                                `json:",omitempty"`
	RuntimeImagePath             string                              `json:",omitempty"`
	Stopped                      bool                                `json:",omitempty"`
	ExitType                     string                              `json:",omitempty"`
	AreUpdatesPending            bool                                `json:",omitempty"`
	ObRoot                       string                              `json:",omitempty"`
	Statistics                   Statistics                          `json:",omitempty"`
	ProcessList                  []ProcessListItem                   `json:",omitempty"`
	MappedVirtualDiskControllers map[int]MappedVirtualDiskController `json:",omitempty"`
	GuestConnectionInfo          GuestConnectionInfo                 `json:",omitempty"`

ContainerProperties holds the properties for a container and the processes running in that container

type GuestConnectionInfo added in v0.7.10

type GuestConnectionInfo struct {
	SupportedSchemaVersions  []hcsschema.Version      `json:",omitempty"`
	ProtocolVersion          uint32                   `json:",omitempty"`
	GuestDefinedCapabilities GuestDefinedCapabilities `json:",omitempty"`

GuestConnectionInfo is the structure of an iterm return by a GuestConnection call on a utility VM

type GuestDefinedCapabilities added in v0.7.10

type GuestDefinedCapabilities struct {
	NamespaceAddRequestSupported  bool `json:",omitempty"`
	SignalProcessSupported        bool `json:",omitempty"`
	DumpStacksSupported           bool `json:",omitempty"`
	DeleteContainerStateSupported bool `json:",omitempty"`
	UpdateContainerSupported      bool `json:",omitempty"`

GuestDefinedCapabilities is part of the GuestConnectionInfo returned by a GuestConnection call on a utility VM

type HvRuntime

type HvRuntime struct {
	ImagePath           string `json:",omitempty"`
	SkipTemplate        bool   `json:",omitempty"`
	LinuxInitrdFile     string `json:",omitempty"` // File under ImagePath on host containing an initrd image for starting a Linux utility VM
	LinuxKernelFile     string `json:",omitempty"` // File under ImagePath on host containing a kernel for starting a Linux utility VM
	LinuxBootParameters string `json:",omitempty"` // Additional boot parameters for starting a Linux Utility VM in initrd mode
	BootSource          string `json:",omitempty"` // "Vhd" for Linux Utility VM booting from VHD
	WritableBootSource  bool   `json:",omitempty"` // Linux Utility VM booting from VHD

type Layer

type Layer struct {
	ID   string
	Path string

type MappedDir

type MappedDir struct {
	HostPath          string
	ContainerPath     string
	ReadOnly          bool
	BandwidthMaximum  uint64
	IOPSMaximum       uint64
	CreateInUtilityVM bool
	// LinuxMetadata - Support added in 1803/RS4+.
	LinuxMetadata bool `json:",omitempty"`

type MappedPipe

type MappedPipe struct {
	HostPath          string
	ContainerPipeName string

type MappedVirtualDisk

type MappedVirtualDisk struct {
	HostPath          string `json:",omitempty"` // Path to VHD on the host
	ContainerPath     string // Platform-specific mount point path in the container
	CreateInUtilityVM bool   `json:",omitempty"`
	ReadOnly          bool   `json:",omitempty"`
	Cache             string `json:",omitempty"` // "" (Unspecified); "Disabled"; "Enabled"; "Private"; "PrivateAllowSharing"
	AttachOnly        bool   `json:",omitempty"`

type MappedVirtualDiskController

type MappedVirtualDiskController struct {
	MappedVirtualDisks map[int]MappedVirtualDisk `json:",omitempty"`

MappedVirtualDiskController is the structure of an item returned by a MappedVirtualDiskList call on a container

type MemoryStats

type MemoryStats struct {
	UsageCommitBytes            uint64 `json:"MemoryUsageCommitBytes,omitempty"`
	UsageCommitPeakBytes        uint64 `json:"MemoryUsageCommitPeakBytes,omitempty"`
	UsagePrivateWorkingSetBytes uint64 `json:"MemoryUsagePrivateWorkingSetBytes,omitempty"`

MemoryStats holds the memory statistics for a container

type NetworkStats

type NetworkStats struct {
	BytesReceived          uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
	BytesSent              uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
	PacketsReceived        uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
	PacketsSent            uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
	DroppedPacketsIncoming uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
	DroppedPacketsOutgoing uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
	EndpointId             string `json:",omitempty"`
	InstanceId             string `json:",omitempty"`

NetworkStats holds the network statistics for a container

type ProcessConfig

type ProcessConfig struct {
	ApplicationName   string            `json:",omitempty"`
	CommandLine       string            `json:",omitempty"`
	CommandArgs       []string          `json:",omitempty"` // Used by Linux Containers on Windows
	User              string            `json:",omitempty"`
	WorkingDirectory  string            `json:",omitempty"`
	Environment       map[string]string `json:",omitempty"`
	EmulateConsole    bool              `json:",omitempty"`
	CreateStdInPipe   bool              `json:",omitempty"`
	CreateStdOutPipe  bool              `json:",omitempty"`
	CreateStdErrPipe  bool              `json:",omitempty"`
	ConsoleSize       [2]uint           `json:",omitempty"`
	CreateInUtilityVm bool              `json:",omitempty"` // Used by Linux Containers on Windows
	OCISpecification  *json.RawMessage  `json:",omitempty"` // Used by Linux Containers on Windows

ProcessConfig is used as both the input of Container.CreateProcess and to convert the parameters to JSON for passing onto the HCS

type ProcessListItem

type ProcessListItem struct {
	CreateTimestamp              time.Time `json:",omitempty"`
	ImageName                    string    `json:",omitempty"`
	KernelTime100ns              uint64    `json:",omitempty"`
	MemoryCommitBytes            uint64    `json:",omitempty"`
	MemoryWorkingSetPrivateBytes uint64    `json:",omitempty"`
	MemoryWorkingSetSharedBytes  uint64    `json:",omitempty"`
	ProcessId                    uint32    `json:",omitempty"`
	UserTime100ns                uint64    `json:",omitempty"`

ProcessList is the structure of an item returned by a ProcessList call on a container

type ProcessorStats

type ProcessorStats struct {
	TotalRuntime100ns  uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
	RuntimeUser100ns   uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
	RuntimeKernel100ns uint64 `json:",omitempty"`

ProcessorStats holds the processor statistics for a container

type PropertyQuery

type PropertyQuery struct {
	PropertyTypes []PropertyType `json:",omitempty"`

type PropertyType

type PropertyType string
const (
	PropertyTypeStatistics        PropertyType = "Statistics"        // V1 and V2
	PropertyTypeProcessList       PropertyType = "ProcessList"       // V1 and V2
	PropertyTypeMappedVirtualDisk PropertyType = "MappedVirtualDisk" // Not supported in V2 schema call
	PropertyTypeGuestConnection   PropertyType = "GuestConnection"   // V1 and V2. Nil return from HCS before RS5

type RequestType

type RequestType string

Type of Request Support in ModifySystem

type ResourceModificationRequestResponse

type ResourceModificationRequestResponse struct {
	Resource ResourceType `json:"ResourceType"`
	Data     interface{}  `json:"Settings"`
	Request  RequestType  `json:"RequestType,omitempty"`

ResourceModificationRequestResponse is the structure used to send request to the container to modify the system Supported resource types are Network and Request Types are Add/Remove

type ResourceType

type ResourceType string

Type of Resource Support in ModifySystem

type Statistics

type Statistics struct {
	Timestamp          time.Time      `json:",omitempty"`
	ContainerStartTime time.Time      `json:",omitempty"`
	Uptime100ns        uint64         `json:",omitempty"`
	Memory             MemoryStats    `json:",omitempty"`
	Processor          ProcessorStats `json:",omitempty"`
	Storage            StorageStats   `json:",omitempty"`
	Network            []NetworkStats `json:",omitempty"`

Statistics is the structure returned by a statistics call on a container

type StorageStats

type StorageStats struct {
	ReadCountNormalized  uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
	ReadSizeBytes        uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
	WriteCountNormalized uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
	WriteSizeBytes       uint64 `json:",omitempty"`

StorageStats holds the storage statistics for a container

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