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Published: Apr 30, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 5 Imported by: 0



  • This is an example based on a prototype from an NYTimes hack week. It mixes gizmo/server.SimpleServer, gizmo/server.SimpleService, gizmo/pubsub.KafkaPublisher, gizmo/pubsub.KafkaSubscriber and gorilla/websocket and was used to test out realtime, collaborative crossword games.
  • The server offers 3 endpoints to allow users to:
    1. Create a new topic on Kafka (visit http://localhost:8080/svc/v1/create to get a 'stream ID')
    2. Upgrade a request to a websocket connection and expose the topic over it
    3. Serve an HTML page that demos the service.(visit http://localhost:8080/svc/v1/demo/{stream_id from 'create'})
This demo requires Kafka and Zookeeper to be installed and running locally by default.
  • To install and run on OS X, run: brew install kafka and then zookeeper-server-start.sh /usr/local/etc/kafka/zookeeper.properties to run Zookeeper and kafka-server-start.sh /usr/local/etc/kafka/server.properties to start a Kafka broker.
The config in this example is loaded via a local JSON file and the default gizmo/config.Config struct.


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