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type ErrWildcard

type ErrWildcard struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ErrWildcard is returned if a wildcard response is found

func (*ErrWildcard) Error

func (e *ErrWildcard) Error() string

Error is the implementation of the error interface

type GobusterDir

type GobusterDir struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GobusterDir is the main type to implement the interface

func NewGobusterDir

func NewGobusterDir(globalopts *libgobuster.Options, opts *OptionsDir) (*GobusterDir, error)

NewGobusterDir creates a new initialized GobusterDir

func (*GobusterDir) AdditionalWords added in v3.2.0

func (d *GobusterDir) AdditionalWords(word string) []string

func (*GobusterDir) GetConfigString

func (d *GobusterDir) GetConfigString() (string, error)

GetConfigString returns the string representation of the current config

func (*GobusterDir) Name added in v3.1.0

func (d *GobusterDir) Name() string

Name should return the name of the plugin

func (*GobusterDir) PreRun

func (d *GobusterDir) PreRun(ctx context.Context, progress *libgobuster.Progress) error

PreRun is the pre run implementation of gobusterdir

func (*GobusterDir) ProcessWord added in v3.2.0

func (d *GobusterDir) ProcessWord(ctx context.Context, word string, progress *libgobuster.Progress) error

ProcessWord is the process implementation of gobusterdir

type OptionsDir

type OptionsDir struct {
	Extensions                 string
	ExtensionsParsed           libgobuster.Set[string]
	ExtensionsFile             string
	StatusCodes                string
	StatusCodesParsed          libgobuster.Set[int]
	StatusCodesBlacklist       string
	StatusCodesBlacklistParsed libgobuster.Set[int]
	UseSlash                   bool
	HideLength                 bool
	Expanded                   bool
	NoStatus                   bool
	DiscoverBackup             bool
	ExcludeLength              string
	ExcludeLengthParsed        libgobuster.Set[int]

OptionsDir is the struct to hold all options for this plugin

func NewOptionsDir

func NewOptionsDir() *OptionsDir

NewOptionsDir returns a new initialized OptionsDir

type Result added in v3.1.0

type Result struct {
	URL        string
	Path       string
	Verbose    bool
	Expanded   bool
	NoStatus   bool
	HideLength bool
	Found      bool
	Header     http.Header
	StatusCode int
	Size       int64

Result represents a single result

func (Result) ResultToString added in v3.1.0

func (r Result) ResultToString() (string, error)

ResultToString converts the Result to it's textual representation

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