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Published: Jun 22, 2021 License: Apache-2.0



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Backup & Restore (BR) is a command-line tool for distributed backup and restoration of the TiDB cluster data.




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Backup SQL Statement

Restore SQL Statement


To build binary and run test:

$ make
$ make test

Notice BR supports building with Go version Go >= 1.16

When BR is built successfully, you can find binary in the bin directory.

Quick start(docker-compose)

# Start TiDB cluster
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml rm -s -v && \
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml build && \
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml up --remove-orphans

# Attach to control container to run BR
docker exec -it br_control_1 bash

# Load testing data to TiDB
go-ycsb load mysql -p workload=core \
    -p -p mysql.port=4000 -p mysql.user=root \
    -p recordcount=100000 -p threadcount=100

# How many rows do we get? 100000 rows.
mysql -uroot -htidb -P4000 -E -e "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM test.usertable"

# Build BR and backup!
make build && \
bin/br backup full --pd pd0:2379 --storage "local:///data/backup/full" \
    --log-file "/logs/br_backup.log"

# Let's drop database.
mysql -uroot -htidb -P4000 -E -e "DROP DATABASE test; SHOW DATABASES;"

# Restore!
bin/br restore full --pd pd0:2379 --storage "local:///data/backup/full" \
    --log-file "/logs/br_restore.log"

# How many rows do we get again? Expected to be 100000 rows.
mysql -uroot -htidb -P4000 -E -e "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM test.usertable"

# Test S3 compatible storage (MinIO).
# Create a bucket to save backup by mc (a MinIO Client).
mc config host add minio $S3_ENDPOINT $MINIO_ACCESS_KEY $MINIO_SECRET_KEY && \
mc mb minio/mybucket

# Backup to S3 compatible storage.
bin/br backup full --pd pd0:2379 --storage "s3://mybucket/full" \

# Drop database and restore!
mysql -uroot -htidb -P4000 -E -e "DROP DATABASE test; SHOW DATABASES;" && \
bin/br restore full --pd pd0:2379 --storage "s3://mybucket/full" \

Quick Start(tiup)

# Using tiup to start a TiDB cluster
tiup playground --db 2 --pd 3 --kv 3 --monitor

# Using tiup bench to generater test data.
tiup bench tpcc --warehouses 1 prepare

# How many row do we get? 300242 rows.
mysql --host --port 4000 -E -e "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM test.order_line" -u root -p

# Build br.
make build

# Backup TPC-C test data.
bin/br backup table --db test \
	--table order_line \
	-s local:///tmp/backup_test/ \
	--pd ${PD_ADDR}:2379 \
	--log-file backup_test.log \

# Let's drop the table.
mysql -uroot --host -P4000 -E -e "USE test; DROP TABLE order_line; show tables" -u root -p

# Restore from the backup.
bin/br restore table --db test \
	--table order_line \
	-s local:///tmp/backup_test/ \
	--pd ${PD_ADDR}:2379 \
	--log-file restore_test.log

# How many rows do we get after restore? Expected to be 300242 rows.
mysql --host -P4000 -E -e "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM test.order_line" -uroot -p

Compatible test



Contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. See CONTRIBUTING for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.


BR is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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