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func InsertDistScanArtifacts

func InsertDistScanArtifacts(ctx context.Context, pool *pgxpool.Pool, layerHash claircore.Digest, dists []*claircore.Distribution, scnrs indexer.VersionedScanners) error

InsertDistScanArtifacts will create DistributionScanArtifacts linking the layer hash, dist, and scanner artifacts.

If multiple scanners are provided they will be linked in i % n fashion where "i" is the current index of the dists slice and "n" is the length of the scnrs slice.

func InsertDistributions

func InsertDistributions(ctx context.Context, pool *pgxpool.Pool, dists []*claircore.Distribution) error

func InsertPackageScanArtifacts

func InsertPackageScanArtifacts(ctx context.Context, pool *pgxpool.Pool, layerHash claircore.Digest, pkgs []*claircore.Package, scnrs indexer.VersionedScanners) error

InsertPackageScanArtifacts will create ScanArtifacts linking the layer hash, packages, and scanner artifacts.

If multiple scanners are provided they will be linked in i % n fashion where "i" is the current index of the Packages array and "n" is the length of the scanners array.

func InsertPackages

func InsertPackages(ctx context.Context, pool *pgxpool.Pool, pkgs []*claircore.Package) error

InsertUniquePackages inserts each unique package into the database. Nested distribution and source packages are un nested and inserted. The pkgs array should be created by a call to GenUniquePackages

func InsertRepoScanArtifact

func InsertRepoScanArtifact(ctx context.Context, pool *pgxpool.Pool, layerHash claircore.Digest, repos []*claircore.Repository, scnrs indexer.VersionedScanners) error

func InsertRepositories

func InsertRepositories(ctx context.Context, pool *pgxpool.Pool, repos []*claircore.Repository) error

func InsertScannerList

func InsertScannerList(ctx context.Context, pool *pgxpool.Pool, hash claircore.Digest, n int) error

InsertScannerList is to be used with `test.GenUniqueScanners()`. Inserts a ScannerList record for scanner IDs 0...n associated with provided manifest hash

func InsertUniqueScanners

func InsertUniqueScanners(ctx context.Context, pool *pgxpool.Pool, scnrs indexer.VersionedScanners) error

InsertUniqueScanners inserts each unique scanner into the database. the scanner's primary key (int) is set to the index of the scanner in the array.


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