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Published: Jan 4, 2019 License: GPL-2.0



Percorso is a system that enables you administrate and control multiple devices (originally was created for routers in mind, but can be used for others systems such as servers or IoT) from one panel, recieve notifications... Percorso.Core is a small microservice that creates an abstraction between the way devices communicate (SSH, telnet, http) and you, creating a small, concurrent REST API to control all your devices without knowing what kind of protocol is using under the covers.

Build and RUN

You must have installed GOLANG in your machine:

  • Golang version >=1.10 if you are running Linux
  • Golang version >=1.11 if you are in MacOS
  • If you are in Windows, sorry, Golang's plugins haven't currently support for Windows. You can use Docker or VM with Linux

Then, run go get ./... to install all dependencies and a make run if you want only do a go run or make build if you want to create an executable. When you run the core for the first time, a sqlite database will be created. Run in it the sql file located in /sql/schema.sql. To install drivers, move the binaries to /drivers folder. Enjoy ;-)


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