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const (
	// LiteralNil represents JSON null.
	LiteralNil byte = 0x00
	// LiteralTrue represents JSON true.
	LiteralTrue byte = 0x01
	// LiteralFalse represents JSON false.
	LiteralFalse byte = 0x02


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var (
	// ErrInvalidJSONText means invalid JSON text.
	ErrInvalidJSONText = terror.ClassJSON.New(mysql.ErrInvalidJSONText, mysql.MySQLErrName[mysql.ErrInvalidJSONText])
	// ErrInvalidJSONPath means invalid JSON path.
	ErrInvalidJSONPath = terror.ClassJSON.New(mysql.ErrInvalidJSONPath, mysql.MySQLErrName[mysql.ErrInvalidJSONPath])
	// ErrInvalidJSONData means invalid JSON data.
	ErrInvalidJSONData = terror.ClassJSON.New(mysql.ErrInvalidJSONData, mysql.MySQLErrName[mysql.ErrInvalidJSONData])


func CompareBinary

func CompareBinary(left, right BinaryJSON) int

CompareBinary compares two binary json objects. Returns -1 if left < right, 0 if left == right, else returns 1.

func PeekBytesAsJSON

func PeekBytesAsJSON(b []byte) (n int, err error)

PeekBytesAsJSON trys to peek some bytes from b, until we can deserialize a JSON from those bytes.


type BinaryJSON

type BinaryJSON struct {
	TypeCode TypeCode
	Value    []byte

BinaryJSON represents a binary encoded JSON object. It can be randomly accessed without deserialization.

func CreateBinary

func CreateBinary(in interface{}) BinaryJSON

CreateBinary creates a BinaryJSON from interface.

func MergeBinary

func MergeBinary(bjs []BinaryJSON) BinaryJSON

MergeBinary merges multiple BinaryJSON into one according the following rules: 1) adjacent arrays are merged to a single array; 2) adjacent object are merged to a single object; 3) a scalar value is autowrapped as an array before merge; 4) an adjacent array and object are merged by autowrapping the object as an array.

func ParseBinaryFromString

func ParseBinaryFromString(s string) (bj BinaryJSON, err error)

ParseBinaryFromString parses a json from string.

func (BinaryJSON) Copy

func (bj BinaryJSON) Copy() BinaryJSON

Copy makes a copy of the BinaryJSON

func (BinaryJSON) Extract

func (bj BinaryJSON) Extract(pathExprList []PathExpression) (ret BinaryJSON, found bool)

Extract receives several path expressions as arguments, matches them in bj, and returns:

ret: target JSON matched any path expressions. maybe autowrapped as an array.
found: true if any path expressions matched.

func (BinaryJSON) GetFloat64

func (bj BinaryJSON) GetFloat64() float64

GetFloat64 gets the float64 value.

func (BinaryJSON) GetInt64

func (bj BinaryJSON) GetInt64() int64

GetInt64 gets the int64 value.

func (BinaryJSON) GetString

func (bj BinaryJSON) GetString() []byte

GetString gets the string value.

func (BinaryJSON) GetUint64

func (bj BinaryJSON) GetUint64() uint64

GetUint64 gets the uint64 value.

func (BinaryJSON) MarshalJSON

func (bj BinaryJSON) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON implements the json.Marshaler interface.

func (BinaryJSON) Modify

func (bj BinaryJSON) Modify(pathExprList []PathExpression, values []BinaryJSON, mt ModifyType) (retj BinaryJSON, err error)

Modify modifies a JSON object by insert, replace or set. All path expressions cannot contain * or ** wildcard. If any error occurs, the input won't be changed.

func (BinaryJSON) Remove

func (bj BinaryJSON) Remove(pathExprList []PathExpression) (BinaryJSON, error)

Remove removes the elements indicated by pathExprList from JSON.

func (BinaryJSON) String

func (bj BinaryJSON) String() string

String implements fmt.Stringer interface.

func (BinaryJSON) Type

func (bj BinaryJSON) Type() string

Type returns type of BinaryJSON as string.

func (*BinaryJSON) UnmarshalJSON

func (bj *BinaryJSON) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON implements the json.Unmarshaler interface.

func (BinaryJSON) Unquote

func (bj BinaryJSON) Unquote() (string, error)

Unquote is for JSON_UNQUOTE.

type ModifyType

type ModifyType byte

ModifyType is for modify a JSON. There are three valid values: ModifyInsert, ModifyReplace and ModifySet.

const (
	// ModifyInsert is for insert a new element into a JSON.
	ModifyInsert ModifyType = 0x01
	// ModifyReplace is for replace an old elemList from a JSON.
	ModifyReplace ModifyType = 0x02
	// ModifySet = ModifyInsert | ModifyReplace
	ModifySet ModifyType = 0x03

type PathExpression

type PathExpression struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PathExpression is for JSON path expression.

func ParseJSONPathExpr

func ParseJSONPathExpr(pathExpr string) (pe PathExpression, err error)

ParseJSONPathExpr parses a JSON path expression. Returns a PathExpression object which can be used in JSON_EXTRACT, JSON_SET and so on.

type TypeCode

type TypeCode = byte

TypeCode indicates JSON type.

const (
	// TypeCodeObject indicates the JSON is an object.
	TypeCodeObject TypeCode = 0x01
	// TypeCodeArray indicates the JSON is an array.
	TypeCodeArray TypeCode = 0x03
	// TypeCodeLiteral indicates the JSON is a literal.
	TypeCodeLiteral TypeCode = 0x04
	// TypeCodeInt64 indicates the JSON is a signed integer.
	TypeCodeInt64 TypeCode = 0x09
	// TypeCodeUint64 indicates the JSON is a unsigned integer.
	TypeCodeUint64 TypeCode = 0x0a
	// TypeCodeFloat64 indicates the JSON is a double float number.
	TypeCodeFloat64 TypeCode = 0x0b
	// TypeCodeString indicates the JSON is a string.
	TypeCodeString TypeCode = 0x0c

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