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func MakeClientService

func MakeClientService(z *v1beta1.ZookeeperCluster) *v1.Service

    MakeClientService returns a client service resource for the zookeeper cluster

    func MakeConfigMap

    func MakeConfigMap(z *v1beta1.ZookeeperCluster) *v1.ConfigMap

      MakeConfigMap returns a zookeeper config map

      func MakeHeadlessService

      func MakeHeadlessService(z *v1beta1.ZookeeperCluster) *v1.Service

        MakeHeadlessService returns an internal headless-service for the zk stateful-set

        func MakePodDisruptionBudget

        func MakePodDisruptionBudget(z *v1beta1.ZookeeperCluster) *policyv1beta1.PodDisruptionBudget

          MakePodDisruptionBudget returns a pdb for the zookeeper cluster

          func MakeStatefulSet

          func MakeStatefulSet(z *v1beta1.ZookeeperCluster) *appsv1.StatefulSet

            MakeStatefulSet return a zookeeper stateful set from the zk spec

            func SyncConfigMap

            func SyncConfigMap(curr *v1.ConfigMap, next *v1.ConfigMap)

              SyncConfigMap synchronizes a configmap with an updated spec and validates it

              func SyncService

              func SyncService(curr *v1.Service, next *v1.Service)

                SyncService synchronizes a service with an updated spec and validates it

                func SyncStatefulSet

                func SyncStatefulSet(curr *appsv1.StatefulSet, next *appsv1.StatefulSet)

                  SyncStatefulSet synchronizes any updates to the stateful-set


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