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Package phlow contains all the business logic for the workflow commands



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func Auth

func Auth(INIBlock string, authorization plugins.Authorization, authentication plugins.Authentication, configUser string, configToken string, service string)

Auth ... Authenticates the desired service

func AuthCaller

func AuthCaller()

AuthCaller ... Wraps auth and injects dependencies

func Bootstrap

func Bootstrap()

Bootstrap ... Creates a new .gitconfig file with a default configuration

func Clean added in v1.0.0

func Clean(conf *setting.ProjectSetting)

Clean ... deletes all the delivered branches

func CleanCaller

func CleanCaller(ini string)

CleanCaller ...

func Deliver

func Deliver(conf *setting.ProjectSetting)

Deliver ... Push a ready branch to the remote repository

func DeliverCaller

func DeliverCaller()

DeliverCaller ... Top level deliver call, called from cmd

func FetchGH

func FetchGH(conf *setting.ProjectSetting) ([]plugins.Stringer, error)

FetchGH ... Fetch for github

func FetchJ

func FetchJ(conf *setting.ProjectSetting) ([]plugins.Stringer, error)

FetchJ ... fetch for Jira

func GenerateMessage

func GenerateMessage(branch string, smartCommitPrefix string, extractor plugins.IssueExtractor, forceMessage string) (string, error)

GenerateMessage ... generates a message from a branch with a given issue extractor

func GetJIRAIssue

func GetJIRAIssue(branch string) (string, error)

GetJIRAIssue ...

func IssueCaller

func IssueCaller()

IssueCaller ... prints issue with given target

func LaunchBrowser

func LaunchBrowser(link string, run executor.Runner)

LaunchBrowser ...

func LocalDeliver

func LocalDeliver(conf *setting.ProjectSetting)

LocalDeliver ... Delivers locally and pushes the changes to the remote

func MakeAlias

func MakeAlias()

MakeAlias ... Create alliases for git phlow commands

func MakeAliasCaller

func MakeAliasCaller()

MakeAliasCaller ...

func OpenGitHub

func OpenGitHub(issue string, conf *setting.ProjectSetting, extractor plugins.IssueExtractor, runner executor.Runner)

OpenGitHub ... Try to display github issues

func OpenJira

func OpenJira(issue string, conf *setting.ProjectSetting, extractor plugins.IssueExtractor, runner executor.Runner)

OpenJira ... try to display jira configuration

func PrintIssues

func PrintIssues(conf *setting.ProjectSetting, fetch Fetch)

PrintIssues ...

func ReadInput

func ReadInput(messageToUser string, input io.Reader) string

ReadInput ... Reads input from user

func ReadPassword

func ReadPassword(messageToUser string) string

ReadPassword ... read input from the user anonymously

func Show

func Show(args []string)

Show ... Shows the listed configuration

func UpNext added in v1.0.0

func UpNext(prefix string) (name string)

UpNext ... Returns the next branch ready for integration based on time of creation Oldest branches gets integrated first.

func UpdateGithubIssue

func UpdateGithubIssue(issue string, conf *setting.ProjectSetting) (string, error)

UpdateGithubIssue ... Updating an issue on github and returns the branch name

func UpdateJIRAIssue

func UpdateJIRAIssue(key string, conf *setting.ProjectSetting) (string, error)

UpdateJIRAIssue ... Updates the issue on jira and returns the name of the branch

func WebCaller

func WebCaller(args []string)

WebCaller ... Executes command to web

func WorkOn

func WorkOn(keyOrID string, conf *setting.ProjectSetting, update WorkOnUpdate)

WorkOn ... creates a new workspace from issue by given WorkOnUpdate and configuration

func WorkOnCaller

func WorkOnCaller(keyOrID string)

WorkOnCaller ... Toplevel workon function called from cmd

func WrapUp

func WrapUp(smartCommitPrefix, force string, extractor plugins.IssueExtractor)

WrapUp ...

func WrapUpCaller

func WrapUpCaller()

WrapUpCaller ...


type Fetch

type Fetch func(*setting.ProjectSetting) ([]plugins.Stringer, error)

Fetch ... Type for getting issues

type WorkOnUpdate

type WorkOnUpdate func(key string, projectSetting *setting.ProjectSetting) (string, error)

WorkOnUpdate ... Type for updating issues returns a name or an error

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