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Please use my proto package instead.

ethernetdecode Build Status

A tiny Go package for decoding ethernet frame headers into more useful IP header structs.

Still a work-in-progress.






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func Decode

func Decode(header []byte) (EthernetHeader, IpHeader, ProtocolHeader)

Decode decodes an ethernet frame header and returns an IP header and a TCP or UDP header.


type EthernetHeader

type EthernetHeader struct {
	Source      net.HardwareAddr
	Destination net.HardwareAddr
	VlanTag     uint32
	EtherType   uint16

type IpHeader

type IpHeader interface {
	IpVersion() int

type Ipv4Header

type Ipv4Header struct {
	VersionAndHeaderLen uint8
	Tos                 uint8
	Len                 uint16
	Id                  uint16
	FragOff             uint16
	Ttl                 uint8
	Protocol            uint8
	Checksum            uint16
	Source              [4]byte
	Destination         [4]byte

func (Ipv4Header) IpVersion

func (h Ipv4Header) IpVersion() int

type Ipv6Header

type Ipv6Header struct {
	VersionTrafficClassFlowLabel uint32
	PayloadLength                uint16
	NextHeader                   uint8
	HopLimit                     uint8
	Source                       [16]byte
	Destination                  [16]byte

func (Ipv6Header) IpVersion

func (h Ipv6Header) IpVersion() int

type Protocol

type Protocol uint8
const (
	ProtocolTcp Protocol = 6
	ProtocolUdp Protocol = 17

type ProtocolHeader

type ProtocolHeader interface {
	Protocol() Protocol

type TcpHeader

type TcpHeader struct {
	SourcePort      uint16
	DestinationPort uint16
	SeqNum          uint32
	AckNum          uint32
	OffsetReserved  uint8
	Flags           uint8
	WindowSize      uint16
	Checksum        uint16
	UrgentPointer   uint16

func (TcpHeader) Protocol

func (h TcpHeader) Protocol() Protocol

type UdpHeader

type UdpHeader struct {
	SourcePort      uint16
	DestinationPort uint16
	Length          uint16
	Checksum        uint16

func (UdpHeader) Protocol

func (h UdpHeader) Protocol() Protocol

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