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type Filebeat

type Filebeat struct {
	FbConfig *cfg.Config

	Spooler *Spooler
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Beater object. Contains all objects needed to run the beat

func New

func New() *Filebeat

func (*Filebeat) Cleanup

func (fb *Filebeat) Cleanup(b *beat.Beat) error

func (*Filebeat) Config

func (fb *Filebeat) Config(b *beat.Beat) error

Config setups up the filebeat configuration by fetch all additional config files

func (*Filebeat) Run

func (fb *Filebeat) Run(b *beat.Beat) error

func (*Filebeat) Setup

func (fb *Filebeat) Setup(b *beat.Beat) error

func (*Filebeat) Stop

func (fb *Filebeat) Stop()

Stop is called on exit for cleanup

type Spooler

type Spooler struct {
	Filebeat *Filebeat

	Channel chan *input.FileEvent
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSpooler

func NewSpooler(filebeat *Filebeat) *Spooler

func (*Spooler) Config

func (spooler *Spooler) Config() error

func (*Spooler) Run

func (s *Spooler) Run()

Run runs the spooler It heartbeats periodically. If the last flush was longer than 'IdleTimeoutDuration' time ago, then we'll force a flush to prevent us from holding on to spooled events for too long.

func (*Spooler) Stop

func (s *Spooler) Stop()

Stop stops the spooler. Flushes events before stopping

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