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type KubeDeploymentController

type KubeDeploymentController struct {

func (*KubeDeploymentController) Create added in v1.6.0

func (c *KubeDeploymentController) Create()

@Title deploy @Description deploy tpl @Param body body string true "The tpl content" @Success 200 return ok success @router /:deploymentId([0-9]+)/tpls/:tplId([0-9]+)/clusters/:cluster [post]

func (*KubeDeploymentController) Delete added in v1.6.0

func (c *KubeDeploymentController) Delete()

@Title Delete @Description delete the Deployment @Param cluster path string true "the cluster want to delete" @Param namespace path string true "the namespace want to delete" @Param deployment path string true "the deployment name want to delete" @Success 200 {string} delete success! @router /:deployment/namespaces/:namespace/clusters/:cluster [delete]

func (*KubeDeploymentController) Get

func (c *KubeDeploymentController) Get()

@Title Get @Description find Deployment by cluster @Param cluster path string true "the cluster name" @Param namespace path string true "the namespace name" @Success 200 {object} models.Deployment success @router /:deployment/detail/namespaces/:namespace/clusters/:cluster [get]

func (*KubeDeploymentController) List added in v1.1.0

func (c *KubeDeploymentController) List()

@Title List deployment @Description get all deployment @Param pageNo query int false "the page current no" @Param pageSize query int false "the page size" @Param filter query string false "column filter, ex. filter=name=test" @Param sortby query string false "column sorted by, ex. sortby=-id, '-' representation desc, and sortby=id representation asc" @Param cluster path string true "the cluster name" @Param namespace path string true "the namespace name" @Success 200 {object} common.Page success @router /namespaces/:namespace/clusters/:cluster [get]

func (*KubeDeploymentController) Prepare

func (c *KubeDeploymentController) Prepare()

func (*KubeDeploymentController) URLMapping

func (c *KubeDeploymentController) URLMapping()

func (*KubeDeploymentController) UpdateScale added in v1.8.4

func (c *KubeDeploymentController) UpdateScale()

@Title UpdateScale @Description Update the number of replica for target deployment @Param cluster path string true "the target k8s cluster" @Param namespace path string true "the namespace that the target deployment belong to" @Param deployment path string true "the target deployment name" @Param replica body int32 true "number of replica" @Success 200 {string} ok success @router /:deployment/namespaces/:namespace/clusters/:cluster/updatescale [post]

type Replica added in v1.8.4

type Replica struct {
	Num int32

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