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var FailedReasonPartials = []string{"failed", "err", "exceeded", "invalid", "unhealthy",
	"mismatch", "insufficient", "conflict", "outof", "nil", "backoff"}

FailedReasonPartials is an array of partial strings to correctly filter warning events. Have to be lower case for correct case insensitive comparison. Based on k8s official events reason file: https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/blob/886e04f1fffbb04faf8a9f9ee141143b2684ae68/pkg/kubelet/events/event.go Partial strings that are not in event.go file are added in order to support older versions of k8s which contained additional event reason messages.


func FillEventsType

func FillEventsType(events []*apiv1.Event) []*apiv1.Event

Based on event Reason fills event Type in order to allow correct filtering by Type.

func GetPodsEventByCronJobPage added in v1.6.0

func GetPodsEventByCronJobPage(kubeClient client.ResourceHandler, namespace, name string, q *basecommon.QueryParam) (*basecommon.Page, error)

func GetPodsWarningEvents

func GetPodsWarningEvents(indexer *client.CacheFactory, pods []*apiv1.Pod) ([]common.Event, error)

func IsTypeFilled

func IsTypeFilled(events []*apiv1.Event) bool

IsTypeFilled returns true if all given events type is filled, false otherwise. This is needed as some older versions of kubernetes do not have Type property filled.


type ObjectCell added in v1.6.0

type ObjectCell common.Event

implements dataselector.DataCell

func (ObjectCell) GetProperty added in v1.6.0

implements dataselector.DataCell

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