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Relay Node For Qitmeer Network

Qitmeer Relay node is a kind of node which uses circuit transport protocol. It can route communication between two peers. So it can also be used to help private network qitmeer nodes to "Hole-punching".

Relay node connections are end-to-end encrypted, which means that the peer acting as the relay is unable to read or tamper with any traffic that flows through the connection.


~ cd ./cmd/relaynode
~ go build
~ ./relaynode -h

Getting Started

  • Start relaynode
~ ./relaynode
  • Copy Relay Address from relaynode log.

  • Configure startup parameters for Qitmeer nodes in the private network.

~ ./qitmeer --relaynode=[Relay Address]


~ ./relaynode --norpc=false

If you don't want to use the default configuration, you can:

~ ./relaynode -h
... ...
... ...

  • Example of calling RPC:(You must pay attention to whether the respective RPC port numbers are consistent)
~ ./ peerinfo


  • If you do not want to use the relay node default configuration parameters, you can use ./relaynode -h to help for custom configuration.

  • If your environment is having trouble getting public IP, please try using ./relaynode --externalip=[Your Public IP]

  • If you want to use DNS service: ./relaynode --externalip=[Your domain name]


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