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of-builder is an image builder for OpenFaaS images, it needs to be deployed with a container registry.

Before you start deploy OpenFaaS via https://docs.openfaas.com/


For Kubernetes skip this section, it is documented in the developer guide with YAML files.

Test of-builder on Kubernetes

See also: local testing of of-builder on Kubernetes

Installation-only (Swarm)

If you are using a remote Docker registry you need to edit ./deploy_swarm.sh

Run docker login and specify either your own registry address and username, or if using the Docker Hub leave off the server address.

Note: make sure if you do this on a Mac or Windows that you prevent Docker from storing passwords in the keychain.

We need to provide authentication to the builder so that it can push images on our behalf.

Create a secret that makes ~/.docker/config.json available.

cat $HOME/.docker/config.json | docker secret create registry-secret -

Assuming you are logged into your server as root edit ./deploy_swarm.sh:

docker service create --constraint="node.role==manager" \
 --name of-builder \
 --env insecure=false --detach=true --network func_functions \
 --secret src=registry-secret,target="/home/app/.docker/config.json" \
 --secret src=payload-secret,target="/var/openfaas/secrets/payload-secret" \
 --env enable_lchown=false \

This edit mounts your Docker registry credentials into the builder service so that they are available for pushing images.

If you are using an insecure registry then add -e "insecure=true" to the of-builder line in: ./deploy_swarm.sh

For development (Swarm)

Setup an insecure registry
docker service rm registry
docker service create --network func_functions \
  --name registry \
  --detach=true -p 5000:5000 registry:latest

Warning: this exposes the registry without authentication on port 5000 publicly on your host. By binding to the local machine we can then pull images without using --insecure-registry specifying a IP address on Linux, or your machine's IP on Docker for Mac.

Run the buildkit daemon

buildkit will build Docker images from a tar-ball and push them to a registry

Using root in the container
docker rm -f of-buildkit
docker run -d --net func_functions -d --privileged \
--restart always \
--name of-buildkit alexellis2/buildkit:2018-04-17 --addr tcp://
Rootless option
docker rm -f of-buildkit
docker run -d --net func_functions -d --privileged \
--restart always \
--name of-buildkit akihirosuda/buildkit-rootless:20180605 --addr tcp://


  • The daemon contains a gRPC endpoint listening on port 1234.
  • Some distros such as Debian and Arch Linux require echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/unprivileged_userns_clone on the host.
  • --privileged is needed for mounting procfs and enabling namespace syscalls. Note that buildkitd itself is running as an unprivileged user. Run docker exec of-buildkit ps aux to confirm.
  • The overlayfs snapshotter is only enabled on Ubuntu and a few distros. When overlayfs is not available, the native snapshotter is used. The native snapshotter can deduplicate files when the underlying filesystem supports reflink, e.g. xfs and btrfs.
  • The overlayfs snapshotter can be enabled on most distros if you run BuildKit as the root user. Use tonistiigi/buildkit:latest to run BuildKit as the root user.
  • akihirosuda/buildkit-rootless:20180605 image was built from moby/buildkit@43e75823. Run docker exec of-buildkit buildkitd --version to confirm the version.
Setup the builder service

The builder service calls into the buildkit daemon to build an OpenFaaS function over HTTP.

export OF_BUILDER_TAG=0.7.2

make build push
export OF_BUILDER_TAG=0.7.2

docker service create \
 --network func_functions \
 --name of-builder \
 --secret src=payload-secret,target="/var/openfaas/secrets/payload-secret" \

Do a test build (optional)

If you're testing the of-builder service you will need to publish the port 8080 as some non-conflicting value.


docker service update of-builder --publish-add 8088:8080

We specify a config file which is JSON and tells buildkit which image to publish to. In this example it's going to be registry.local:5000/foo/bar:latest. The container image has a README.md added into it as an example. It also has an env-var set up.

rm -rf test-image && \
mkdir -p test-image && \
cd test-image

echo '{"Ref": "registry.local:5000/foo/bar:latest"}' > com.openfaas.docker.config

mkdir -p context
echo "## Made with buildkit" >> context/README.md
cat >context/Dockerfile<<EOT
FROM busybox
ENV foo bar

tar cvf req.tar  --exclude=req.tar  .

If registry.local:5000 gives a DNS issue on Docker for Mac then change this to the public IP of your computer instead i.e.

Post the tar to the builder

Change the IP as required

curl -i localhost:8088/build -X POST --data-binary @req.tar

Test the image

To test the image just type in docker run -ti cat /README.md for instance.


Testing without OpenFaaS:
docker build -t alexellis2/of-builder .

docker network create builder --driver overlay --attachable=true ; \
 docker service rm registry; \
 docker service create --network builder --secret payload-secret --name registry --detach=true -p 5000:5000  registry:latest ; \
 docker rm -f of-builder ; \
docker run -p 8080:8080 -d --net builder --name of-builder --privileged alexellis2/of-builder


docker rm -f dind; docker run --name dind --privileged --net=builder -d docker:dind dockerd --insecure-registry registry:5000
docker exec -ti dind docker pull registry:5000/jmkhael/figlet:latest-99745ca9f5a1a914384686e0e928a10854cc87d5


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