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Markdown Parser

The Markdown codelab parser converts a Markdown document into an HTML file and codelab metadata file.


Metadata consists of key-value pairs of the form "key: value". Keys cannot contain colons, and separate metadata fields must be separated by blank lines. At present, values must all be on one line. All metadata must come before the title. Any arbitrary keys and values may be used; however, only the following will be understood by the renderer:

  • Summary: A human-readable summary of the codelab. Defaults to blank.
  • Id: An identifier composed of lowercase letters ideally describing the content of the codelab. This field should be unique among codelabs.
  • Categories: A comma-separated list of the topics the codelab covers.
  • Environments: A list of environments the codelab should be discoverable in. Codelabs marked "Web" will be visible at the codelabs index. Codelabs marked "Kiosk" will only be available at codelabs kiosks, which have special equipment attached.
  • Status: The publication status of the codelab. Valid values are:
    • Draft: Codelab is not finished.
    • Published: Codelab is finished and visible.
    • Deprecated: Codelab is considered stale and should not be widely advertised.
    • Hidden: Codelab is not shown in index.
  • Feedback Link: A link to send users to if they wish to leave feedback on the codelab.
  • Analytics Account: A Google Analytics ID to include with all codelab pages.


The title of the codelab directly follows the metadata. The title is a Header 1.

# Title of codelab


A step is declared by putting the step's title in a Header 2. All content following a step title will be considered part of the step, until the next step title, or the end of the document.

## Codelab Step

Steps should be marked with the expected duration to complete them. To label a step with a duration, put "Duration: TIME" by itself on the line directly following the step title, where TIME is formatted like "hh:mm:ss" (or "mm:ss" if only one : is provided).

## Codelab Step
Duration: 1:25

Codelab content may be written in standard Markdown. Some special constructs are understood:

Fenced Code and Language Hints

Code blocks may be declared by placing them between two lines containing just three backticks (fenced code blocks). The codelab renderer will attempt to perform syntax highlighting on code blocks, but it is not always effective at guessing the language to highlight in. Put the name of the code language after the first fence to explicitly specify which highlighting plan to use.

This block will be highlighted as Go source code.

If you'd like to disable syntax highlighting, you can specify the language hint to "console":

This block will not be syntax highlighted.
Info Boxes

Info boxes are colored callouts that enclose special information in codelabs. Positive info boxes should contain positive information like best practices and time-saving tips. Negative infoboxes should contain information like warnings and API usage restriction. To create an infobox, put the type of infobox on a line by itself, then begin the next line with a colon.

: This will appear in a positive info box.

: This will appear in a negative info box.

<aside> elements work as well:

<aside class="positive">
This will appear in a positive info box.

<aside class="negative">
This will appear in a negative info box.
Download Buttons

Codelabs sometimes contain links to SDKs or sample code. The codelab renderer will apply special button-esque styling to any link that begins with the word "Download".

  [Download SDK](



Package md implements a parser for CLaaT. It expects, as input, the output of running a Markdown file through the Devsite Markdown processor.



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const (
	MetaAuthors          = "authors"
	MetaBadgePath        = "badge path"
	MetaSummary          = "summary"
	MetaID               = "id"
	MetaCategories       = "categories"
	MetaEnvironments     = "environments"
	MetaStatus           = "status"
	MetaFeedbackLink     = "feedback link"
	MetaAnalyticsAccount = "analytics account"
	MetaTags             = "tags"
	MetaSource           = "source"
	MetaDuration         = "duration"

Metadata constants for the YAML header


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var (
	// ErrForbiddenFragmentImports means importing another markdown file in a markdown fragment is forbidden.
	ErrForbiddenFragmentImports = errors.New("importing content in a fragment is forbidden")
	// ErrForbiddenFragmentSteps means declaring extra codelabs step in a markdown fragment is forbidden.
	ErrForbiddenFragmentSteps = errors.New("defining steps in a fragment is forbidden")


This section is empty.


type Parser

type Parser struct {

Parser is a Markdown parser.

func (*Parser) Parse

func (p *Parser) Parse(r io.Reader, opts parser.Options) (*types.Codelab, error)

Parse parses a codelab written in Markdown.

func (*Parser) ParseFragment

func (p *Parser) ParseFragment(r io.Reader, opts parser.Options) ([]types.Node, error)

ParseFragment parses a codelab fragment written in Markdown.

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