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go-ipfs-blockstore implements a thin wrapper over a datastore, giving a clean interface for Getting and Putting block objects.

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Steven Allen

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go-ipfs-blockstore works like a regular Go module:

> go get


import ""

Check the GoDoc documentation


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Package blockstore implements a thin wrapper over a datastore, giving a clean interface for Getting and Putting block objects.



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var BlockPrefix = ds.NewKey("blocks")

BlockPrefix namespaces blockstore datastores

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var ErrHashMismatch = errors.New("block in storage has different hash than requested")

ErrHashMismatch is an error returned when the hash of a block is different than expected.

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var ErrNotFound = errors.New("blockstore: block not found")

ErrNotFound is an error returned when a block is not found.


func CachedBlockstore

func CachedBlockstore(
	ctx context.Context,
	bs ib.Blockstore,
	opts CacheOpts) (cbs ib.Blockstore, err error)

CachedBlockstore returns a blockstore wrapped in an ARCCache and then in a bloom filter cache, if the options indicate it.

func NewBlockstore

func NewBlockstore(logger *zap.Logger, d ds.Batching) ib.Blockstore

NewBlockstore returns a default Blockstore implementation using the provided datastore.Batching backend.

func NewGCBlockstore

func NewGCBlockstore(bs ib.Blockstore, gcl ib.GCLocker) ib.GCBlockstore

NewGCBlockstore returns a default implementation of GCBlockstore using the given Blockstore and GCLocker.

func NewGCLocker

func NewGCLocker() ib.GCLocker

NewGCLocker returns a default implementation of GCLocker using standard [RW] mutexes.

func NewIdStore

func NewIdStore(bs ib.Blockstore) ib.Blockstore


type Blockstore

type Blockstore ib.Blockstore

Blockstore aliases upstream blockstore interface

type CacheOpts

type CacheOpts struct {
	HasBloomFilterSize   int // 1 byte
	HasBloomFilterHashes int // No size, 7 is usually best, consult bloom papers
	HasARCCacheSize      int // 32 bytes

CacheOpts wraps options for CachedBlockStore(). Next to each option is it aproximate memory usage per unit

func DefaultCacheOpts

func DefaultCacheOpts() CacheOpts

DefaultCacheOpts returns a CacheOpts initialized with default values.

type GCBlockstore

type GCBlockstore ib.GCBlockstore

GCBlockstore aliases upstream gcblockstore interface

type GCLocker

type GCLocker ib.GCLocker

GCLocker aliases upstream gclocker interface

type Unlocker

type Unlocker ib.Unlocker

Unlocker aliases upstream unlocker interface

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