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Published: Jun 11, 2019 License: AGPL-3.0, Apache-2.0 Imports: 85 Imported by: 0




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const (
	DAY_MILLISECONDS   = 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000
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const (
	USER_PASSWORD           = "passwd"
	CHANNEL_TYPE            = model.CHANNEL_OPEN
	BTEST_TEAM_NAME         = "z-z-testdomaina"
	BTEST_TEAM_EMAIL        = ""
	BTEST_TEAM_TYPE         = model.TEAM_OPEN
	BTEST_USER_NAME         = "Mr. Testing Tester"
	BTEST_USER_EMAIL        = ""
	BTEST_USER_PASSWORD     = "passwd"
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const (
	BRAND_FILE_PATH = "brand/"
	BRAND_FILE_NAME = "image.png"
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const (
	CMD_EXPAND   = "expand"
	CMD_COLLAPSE = "collapse"
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const (
	CMD_REMOVE = "remove"
	CMD_KICK   = "kick"
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const (
	SEGMENT_KEY = "placeholder_segment_key"

	TRACK_CONFIG_SERVICE            = "config_service"
	TRACK_CONFIG_TEAM               = "config_team"
	TRACK_CONFIG_CLIENT_REQ         = "config_client_requirements"
	TRACK_CONFIG_SQL                = "config_sql"
	TRACK_CONFIG_LOG                = "config_log"
	TRACK_CONFIG_FILE               = "config_file"
	TRACK_CONFIG_RATE               = "config_rate"
	TRACK_CONFIG_EMAIL              = "config_email"
	TRACK_CONFIG_PRIVACY            = "config_privacy"
	TRACK_CONFIG_THEME              = "config_theme"
	TRACK_CONFIG_OAUTH              = "config_oauth"
	TRACK_CONFIG_LDAP               = "config_ldap"
	TRACK_CONFIG_COMPLIANCE         = "config_compliance"
	TRACK_CONFIG_LOCALIZATION       = "config_localization"
	TRACK_CONFIG_SAML               = "config_saml"
	TRACK_CONFIG_PASSWORD           = "config_password"
	TRACK_CONFIG_CLUSTER            = "config_cluster"
	TRACK_CONFIG_METRICS            = "config_metrics"
	TRACK_CONFIG_SUPPORT            = "config_support"
	TRACK_CONFIG_NATIVEAPP          = "config_nativeapp"
	TRACK_CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL       = "config_experimental"
	TRACK_CONFIG_ANALYTICS          = "config_analytics"
	TRACK_CONFIG_ANNOUNCEMENT       = "config_announcement"
	TRACK_CONFIG_ELASTICSEARCH      = "config_elasticsearch"
	TRACK_CONFIG_PLUGIN             = "config_plugin"
	TRACK_CONFIG_DATA_RETENTION     = "config_data_retention"
	TRACK_CONFIG_MESSAGE_EXPORT     = "config_message_export"
	TRACK_CONFIG_DISPLAY            = "config_display"
	TRACK_CONFIG_IMAGE_PROXY        = "config_image_proxy"
	TRACK_PERMISSIONS_GENERAL       = "permissions_general"
	TRACK_PERMISSIONS_SYSTEM_SCHEME = "permissions_system_scheme"
	TRACK_PERMISSIONS_TEAM_SCHEMES  = "permissions_team_schemes"

	TRACK_ACTIVITY = "activity"
	TRACK_LICENSE  = "license"
	TRACK_SERVER   = "server"
	TRACK_PLUGINS  = "plugins"
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const (
	MaxEmojiFileSize       = 1 << 20 // 1 MB
	MaxEmojiWidth          = 128
	MaxEmojiHeight         = 128
	MaxEmojiOriginalWidth  = 1028
	MaxEmojiOriginalHeight = 1028
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const (
	  EXIF Image Orientations
	  1        2       3      4         5            6           7          8

	  888888  888888      88  88      8888888888  88                  88  8888888888
	  88          88      88  88      88  88      88  88          88  88      88  88
	  8888      8888    8888  8888    88          8888888888  8888888888          88
	  88          88      88  88
	  88          88  888888  888888
	Upright            = 1
	UprightMirrored    = 2
	UpsideDown         = 3
	UpsideDownMirrored = 4
	RotatedCWMirrored  = 5
	RotatedCCW         = 6
	RotatedCCWMirrored = 7
	RotatedCW          = 8

	MaxImageSize         = 6048 * 4032 // 24 megapixels, roughly 36MB as a raw image
	ImageThumbnailWidth  = 120
	ImageThumbnailHeight = 100
	ImageThumbnailRatio  = float64(ImageThumbnailHeight) / float64(ImageThumbnailWidth)
	ImagePreviewWidth    = 1920

	UploadFileInitialBufferSize = 2 * 1024 * 1024 // 2Mb

	// Deprecated
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const (
	THREAD_ANY  = "any"
	THREAD_ROOT = "root"
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const (
	OAUTH_COOKIE_MAX_AGE_SECONDS = 30 * 60 // 30 minutes
	COOKIE_OAUTH                 = "MMOAUTH"
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const (
	MIGRATION_KEY_EMOJI_PERMISSIONS_SPLIT                     = "emoji_permissions_split"
	MIGRATION_KEY_WEBHOOK_PERMISSIONS_SPLIT                   = "webhook_permissions_split"
	MIGRATION_KEY_LIST_JOIN_PUBLIC_PRIVATE_TEAMS              = "list_join_public_private_teams"
	MIGRATION_KEY_REMOVE_PERMANENT_DELETE_USER                = "remove_permanent_delete_user"
	MIGRATION_KEY_ADD_BOT_PERMISSIONS                         = "add_bot_permissions"
	MIGRATION_KEY_APPLY_CHANNEL_MANAGE_DELETE_TO_CHANNEL_USER = "apply_channel_manage_delete_to_channel_user"
	MIGRATION_KEY_REMOVE_CHANNEL_MANAGE_DELETE_FROM_TEAM_USER = "remove_channel_manage_delete_from_team_user"

	PERMISSION_MANAGE_SYSTEM                     = "manage_system"
	PERMISSION_MANAGE_EMOJIS                     = "manage_emojis"
	PERMISSION_MANAGE_OTHERS_EMOJIS              = "manage_others_emojis"
	PERMISSION_CREATE_EMOJIS                     = "create_emojis"
	PERMISSION_DELETE_EMOJIS                     = "delete_emojis"
	PERMISSION_DELETE_OTHERS_EMOJIS              = "delete_others_emojis"
	PERMISSION_MANAGE_WEBHOOKS                   = "manage_webhooks"
	PERMISSION_MANAGE_OTHERS_WEBHOOKS            = "manage_others_webhooks"
	PERMISSION_MANAGE_INCOMING_WEBHOOKS          = "manage_incoming_webhooks"
	PERMISSION_MANAGE_OTHERS_INCOMING_WEBHOOKS   = "manage_others_incoming_webhooks"
	PERMISSION_MANAGE_OUTGOING_WEBHOOKS          = "manage_outgoing_webhooks"
	PERMISSION_MANAGE_OTHERS_OUTGOING_WEBHOOKS   = "manage_others_outgoing_webhooks"
	PERMISSION_LIST_PUBLIC_TEAMS                 = "list_public_teams"
	PERMISSION_LIST_PRIVATE_TEAMS                = "list_private_teams"
	PERMISSION_JOIN_PUBLIC_TEAMS                 = "join_public_teams"
	PERMISSION_JOIN_PRIVATE_TEAMS                = "join_private_teams"
	PERMISSION_PERMANENT_DELETE_USER             = "permanent_delete_user"
	PERMISSION_CREATE_BOT                        = "create_bot"
	PERMISSION_READ_BOTS                         = "read_bots"
	PERMISSION_READ_OTHERS_BOTS                  = "read_others_bots"
	PERMISSION_MANAGE_BOTS                       = "manage_bots"
	PERMISSION_MANAGE_OTHERS_BOTS                = "manage_others_bots"
	PERMISSION_DELETE_PUBLIC_CHANNEL             = "delete_public_channel"
	PERMISSION_DELETE_PRIVATE_CHANNEL            = "delete_private_channel"
	PERMISSION_MANAGE_PUBLIC_CHANNEL_PROPERTIES  = "manage_public_channel_properties"
	PERMISSION_MANAGE_PRIVATE_CHANNEL_PROPERTIES = "manage_private_channel_properties"
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const (
	PENDING_POST_IDS_CACHE_TTL  = 30 * time.Second
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const (
	SamlPublicCertificateName = "saml-public.crt"
	SamlPrivateKeyName        = "saml-private.key"
	SamlIdpCertificateName    = "saml-idp.crt"
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const (
	SECURITY_URL           = ""
	SECURITY_UPDATE_PERIOD = 86400000 // 24 hours in milliseconds.

	PROP_SECURITY_ID                = "id"
	PROP_SECURITY_BUILD             = "b"
	PROP_SECURITY_OS                = "os"
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const (
	TOKEN_TYPE_PASSWORD_RECOVERY  = "password_recovery"
	TOKEN_TYPE_VERIFY_EMAIL       = "verify_email"
	TOKEN_TYPE_TEAM_INVITATION    = "team_invitation"
	PASSWORD_RECOVER_EXPIRY_TIME  = 1000 * 60 * 60      // 1 hour
	TEAM_INVITATION_EXPIRY_TIME   = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 48 // 48 hours
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const (
	SEND_QUEUE_SIZE           = 256
	SEND_SLOW_WARN            = (SEND_QUEUE_SIZE * 50) / 100
	WRITE_WAIT                = 30 * time.Second
	PONG_WAIT                 = 100 * time.Second
	PING_PERIOD               = (PONG_WAIT * 6) / 10
	AUTH_TIMEOUT              = 5 * time.Second
	WEBCONN_MEMBER_CACHE_TIME = 1000 * 60 * 30 // 30 minutes
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const (
	DEADLOCK_TICKER      = 15 * time.Second                  // check every 15 seconds
	DEADLOCK_WARN        = (BROADCAST_QUEUE_SIZE * 99) / 100 // number of buffered messages before printing stack trace
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const (

	MaxIntegrationResponseSize = 1024 * 1024 // Posts can be <100KB at most, so this is likely more than enough
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const ADVANCED_PERMISSIONS_MIGRATION_KEY = "AdvancedPermissionsMigrationComplete"
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const (
	CMD_AWAY = "away"
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const (
	CMD_CODE = "code"
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const (
	CMD_DND = "dnd"
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const (
	CMD_ECHO = "echo"
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const (
	CMD_GROUPMSG = "groupmsg"
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const (
	CMD_HEADER = "header"
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const (
	CMD_HELP = "help"
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const (
	CMD_INVITE = "invite"
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const (
	CMD_INVITE_PEOPLE = "invite_people"
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const (
	CMD_JOIN = "join"
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const (
	CMD_LEAVE = "leave"
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const (
	CMD_LOGOUT = "logout"
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const (
	CMD_ME = "me"
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const (
	CMD_MSG = "msg"
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const (
	CMD_MUTE = "mute"
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const (
	CMD_OFFLINE = "offline"
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const (
	CMD_ONLINE = "online"
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const (
	CMD_OPEN = "open"
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const (
	CMD_PURPOSE = "purpose"
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const (
	CMD_RENAME = "rename"
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const (
	CMD_SEARCH = "search"
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const (
	CMD_SETTINGS = "settings"
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const (
	CMD_SHORTCUTS = "shortcuts"
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const (
	CMD_SHRUG = "shrug"
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const (
	CMD_TEST = "test"
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const (
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const (
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const EMOJIS_PERMISSIONS_MIGRATION_KEY = "EmojisPermissionsMigrationComplete"
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const (
	ERROR_TERMS_OF_SERVICE_NO_ROWS_FOUND = "store.sql_terms_of_service_store.get.no_rows.app_error"
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const LINK_CACHE_SIZE = 10000
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const MaxMetadataImageSize = MaxOpenGraphResponseSize
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const MaxOpenGraphResponseSize = 1024 * 1024 * 50
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const (
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var (
	TEAM_NAME_LEN            = utils.Range{Begin: 10, End: 20}
	TEAM_DOMAIN_NAME_LEN     = utils.Range{Begin: 10, End: 20}
	TEAM_EMAIL_LEN           = utils.Range{Begin: 15, End: 30}
	USER_NAME_LEN            = utils.Range{Begin: 5, End: 20}
	USER_EMAIL_LEN           = utils.Range{Begin: 15, End: 30}
	CHANNEL_DISPLAY_NAME_LEN = utils.Range{Begin: 10, End: 20}
	CHANNEL_NAME_LEN         = utils.Range{Begin: 5, End: 20}
	TEST_IMAGE_FILENAMES     = []string{"test.png", "testjpg.jpg", "testgif.gif"}
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var MaxNotificationsPerChannelDefault int64 = 1000000


func CheckUserDomain

func CheckUserDomain(user *model.User, domains string) bool

CheckUserDomain checks that a user's email domain matches a list of space-delimited domains as a string.

func ClearStatusCache

func ClearStatusCache()

func CreateProfileImage

func CreateProfileImage(username string, userId string, initialFont string) ([]byte, *model.AppError)

func DoesNotifyPropsAllowPushNotification

func DoesNotifyPropsAllowPushNotification(user *model.User, channelNotifyProps model.StringMap, post *model.Post, wasMentioned bool) bool

func DoesStatusAllowPushNotification

func DoesStatusAllowPushNotification(userNotifyProps model.StringMap, status *model.Status, channelId string) bool

func GeneratePublicLinkHash

func GeneratePublicLinkHash(fileId, salt string) string

func GetMentionsEnabledFields

func GetMentionsEnabledFields(post *model.Post) model.StringArray

Given a post returns the values of the fields in which mentions are possible. post.message, preText and text in the attachment are enabled.

func GetProtocol

func GetProtocol(r *http.Request) string

func GetStatusFromCache

func GetStatusFromCache(userId string) *model.Status

func JoinCluster

func JoinCluster(s *Server) error

func OpenGraphDataWithProxyAddedToImageURLs

func OpenGraphDataWithProxyAddedToImageURLs(ogdata *opengraph.OpenGraph, toProxyURL func(string) string) *opengraph.OpenGraph

func RegisterAccountMigrationInterface

func RegisterAccountMigrationInterface(f func(*Server) einterfaces.AccountMigrationInterface)

func RegisterClusterInterface

func RegisterClusterInterface(f func(*Server) einterfaces.ClusterInterface)

func RegisterCommandProvider

func RegisterCommandProvider(newProvider CommandProvider)

func RegisterComplianceInterface

func RegisterComplianceInterface(f func(*App) einterfaces.ComplianceInterface)

func RegisterDataRetentionInterface

func RegisterDataRetentionInterface(f func(*App) einterfaces.DataRetentionInterface)

func RegisterElasticsearchInterface

func RegisterElasticsearchInterface(f func(*App) einterfaces.ElasticsearchInterface)

func RegisterJobsDataRetentionJobInterface

func RegisterJobsDataRetentionJobInterface(f func(*App) ejobs.DataRetentionJobInterface)

func RegisterJobsElasticsearchAggregatorInterface

func RegisterJobsElasticsearchAggregatorInterface(f func(*App) ejobs.ElasticsearchAggregatorInterface)

func RegisterJobsElasticsearchIndexerInterface

func RegisterJobsElasticsearchIndexerInterface(f func(*App) ejobs.ElasticsearchIndexerInterface)

func RegisterJobsLdapSyncInterface

func RegisterJobsLdapSyncInterface(f func(*App) ejobs.LdapSyncInterface)

func RegisterJobsMessageExportJobInterface

func RegisterJobsMessageExportJobInterface(f func(*App) ejobs.MessageExportJobInterface)

func RegisterJobsMigrationsJobInterface

func RegisterJobsMigrationsJobInterface(f func(*App) tjobs.MigrationsJobInterface)

func RegisterJobsPluginsJobInterface

func RegisterJobsPluginsJobInterface(f func(*App) tjobs.PluginsJobInterface)

func RegisterLdapInterface

func RegisterLdapInterface(f func(*App) einterfaces.LdapInterface)

func RegisterMessageExportInterface

func RegisterMessageExportInterface(f func(*App) einterfaces.MessageExportInterface)

func RegisterMetricsInterface

func RegisterMetricsInterface(f func(*App) einterfaces.MetricsInterface)

func RegisterSamlInterface

func RegisterSamlInterface(f func(*App) einterfaces.SamlInterface)

func RemoveRoles

func RemoveRoles(rolesToRemove []string, roles string) string

func ReturnWebSocketError

func ReturnWebSocketError(conn *WebConn, r *model.WebSocketRequest, err *model.AppError)

func RunJobs

func RunJobs(s *Server) error

func ShouldSendPushNotification

func ShouldSendPushNotification(user *model.User, channelNotifyProps model.StringMap, wasMentioned bool, status *model.Status, post *model.Post) bool

func SlackConvertChannelMentions

func SlackConvertChannelMentions(channels []SlackChannel, posts map[string][]SlackPost) map[string][]SlackPost

func SlackConvertChannelName

func SlackConvertChannelName(channelName string, channelId string) string

func SlackConvertPostsMarkup

func SlackConvertPostsMarkup(posts map[string][]SlackPost) map[string][]SlackPost

func SlackConvertTimeStamp

func SlackConvertTimeStamp(ts string) int64

func SlackConvertUserMentions

func SlackConvertUserMentions(users []SlackUser, posts map[string][]SlackPost) map[string][]SlackPost

func SlackSanitiseChannelProperties

func SlackSanitiseChannelProperties(channel model.Channel) model.Channel

func SplitWebhookPost

func SplitWebhookPost(post *model.Post, maxPostSize int) ([]*model.Post, *model.AppError)

func StartElasticsearch

func StartElasticsearch(s *Server) error

func StartMetrics

func StartMetrics(s *Server) error

func UploadFileSetClientId

func UploadFileSetClientId(clientId string) func(t *uploadFileTask)

func UploadFileSetContentLength

func UploadFileSetContentLength(contentLength int64) func(t *uploadFileTask)

func UploadFileSetRaw

func UploadFileSetRaw() func(t *uploadFileTask)

func UploadFileSetTeamId

func UploadFileSetTeamId(teamId string) func(t *uploadFileTask)

func UploadFileSetTimestamp

func UploadFileSetTimestamp(timestamp time.Time) func(t *uploadFileTask)

func UploadFileSetUserId

func UploadFileSetUserId(userId string) func(t *uploadFileTask)


type App

func New

func New(options ...AppOption) *App

func (*App) ActivateMfa

func (a *App) ActivateMfa(userId, token string) *model.AppError

func (*App) AddChannelMember

func (a *App) AddChannelMember(userId string, channel *model.Channel, userRequestorId string, postRootId string) (*model.ChannelMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AddConfigListener

func (a *App) AddConfigListener(listener func(*model.Config, *model.Config)) string

func (*App) AddDirectChannels

func (a *App) AddDirectChannels(teamId string, user *model.User) *model.AppError

func (*App) AddLicenseListener

func (a *App) AddLicenseListener(listener func()) string

func (*App) AddNotificationEmailToBatch

func (a *App) AddNotificationEmailToBatch(user *model.User, post *model.Post, team *model.Team) *model.AppError

func (*App) AddSamlIdpCertificate

func (a *App) AddSamlIdpCertificate(fileData *multipart.FileHeader) *model.AppError

func (*App) AddSamlPrivateCertificate

func (a *App) AddSamlPrivateCertificate(fileData *multipart.FileHeader) *model.AppError

func (*App) AddSamlPublicCertificate

func (a *App) AddSamlPublicCertificate(fileData *multipart.FileHeader) *model.AppError

func (*App) AddSessionToCache

func (a *App) AddSessionToCache(session *model.Session)

func (*App) AddStatusCache

func (a *App) AddStatusCache(status *model.Status)

func (*App) AddStatusCacheSkipClusterSend

func (a *App) AddStatusCacheSkipClusterSend(status *model.Status)

func (*App) AddTeamMember

func (a *App) AddTeamMember(teamId, userId string) (*model.TeamMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AddTeamMemberByInviteId

func (a *App) AddTeamMemberByInviteId(inviteId, userId string) (*model.TeamMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AddTeamMemberByToken

func (a *App) AddTeamMemberByToken(userId, tokenId string) (*model.TeamMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AddTeamMembers

func (a *App) AddTeamMembers(teamId string, userIds []string, userRequestorId string) ([]*model.TeamMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AddUserToChannel

func (a *App) AddUserToChannel(user *model.User, channel *model.Channel) (*model.ChannelMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AddUserToTeam

func (a *App) AddUserToTeam(teamId string, userId string, userRequestorId string) (*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AddUserToTeamByInviteId

func (a *App) AddUserToTeamByInviteId(inviteId string, userId string) (*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AddUserToTeamByTeamId

func (a *App) AddUserToTeamByTeamId(teamId string, user *model.User) *model.AppError

func (*App) AddUserToTeamByToken

func (a *App) AddUserToTeamByToken(userId string, tokenId string) (*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AllowOAuthAppAccessToUser

func (a *App) AllowOAuthAppAccessToUser(userId string, authRequest *model.AuthorizeRequest) (string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AsymmetricSigningKey

func (a *App) AsymmetricSigningKey() *ecdsa.PrivateKey

func (*App) AttachDeviceId

func (a *App) AttachDeviceId(sessionId string, deviceId string, expiresAt int64) *model.AppError

func (*App) AttachSessionCookies

func (a *App) AttachSessionCookies(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, session *model.Session)

func (*App) AuthenticateUserForLogin

func (a *App) AuthenticateUserForLogin(id, loginId, password, mfaToken string, ldapOnly bool) (user *model.User, err *model.AppError)

func (*App) AuthorizeOAuthUser

func (a *App) AuthorizeOAuthUser(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, service, code, state, redirectUri string) (io.ReadCloser, string, map[string]string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AutocompleteChannels

func (a *App) AutocompleteChannels(teamId string, term string) (*model.ChannelList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AutocompleteChannelsForSearch

func (a *App) AutocompleteChannelsForSearch(teamId string, userId string, term string) (*model.ChannelList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AutocompleteUsersInChannel

func (a *App) AutocompleteUsersInChannel(teamId string, channelId string, term string, options *model.UserSearchOptions) (*model.UserAutocompleteInChannel, *model.AppError)

func (*App) AutocompleteUsersInTeam

func (a *App) AutocompleteUsersInTeam(teamId string, term string, options *model.UserSearchOptions) (*model.UserAutocompleteInTeam, *model.AppError)

func (*App) BroadcastStatus

func (a *App) BroadcastStatus(status *model.Status)

func (*App) BuildPostReactions

func (a *App) BuildPostReactions(postId string) (*[]ReactionImportData, *model.AppError)

func (*App) BulkExport

func (a *App) BulkExport(writer io.Writer, file string, pathToEmojiDir string, dirNameToExportEmoji string) *model.AppError

func (*App) BulkImport

func (a *App) BulkImport(fileReader io.Reader, dryRun bool, workers int) (*model.AppError, int)

func (*App) CancelJob

func (a *App) CancelJob(jobId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) CheckForClientSideCert

func (a *App) CheckForClientSideCert(r *http.Request) (string, string, string)

func (*App) CheckPasswordAndAllCriteria

func (a *App) CheckPasswordAndAllCriteria(user *model.User, password string, mfaToken string) *model.AppError

func (*App) CheckRolesExist

func (a *App) CheckRolesExist(roleNames []string) *model.AppError

func (*App) CheckUserAllAuthenticationCriteria

func (a *App) CheckUserAllAuthenticationCriteria(user *model.User, mfaToken string) *model.AppError

func (*App) CheckUserMfa

func (a *App) CheckUserMfa(user *model.User, token string) *model.AppError

func (*App) CheckUserPostflightAuthenticationCriteria

func (a *App) CheckUserPostflightAuthenticationCriteria(user *model.User) *model.AppError

func (*App) CheckUserPreflightAuthenticationCriteria

func (a *App) CheckUserPreflightAuthenticationCriteria(user *model.User, mfaToken string) *model.AppError

func (*App) ClearPushNotification

func (a *App) ClearPushNotification(currentSessionId, userId, channelId string)

func (*App) ClearPushNotificationSync

func (a *App) ClearPushNotificationSync(currentSessionId, userId, channelId string)

func (*App) ClearSessionCacheForUser

func (a *App) ClearSessionCacheForUser(userId string)

func (*App) ClearSessionCacheForUserSkipClusterSend

func (a *App) ClearSessionCacheForUserSkipClusterSend(userId string)

func (*App) ClientConfig

func (a *App) ClientConfig() map[string]string

func (*App) ClientConfigHash

func (a *App) ClientConfigHash() string

func (*App) ClientConfigWithComputed

func (a *App) ClientConfigWithComputed() map[string]string

ClientConfigWithComputed gets the configuration in a format suitable for sending to the client.

func (*App) ClientLicense

func (a *App) ClientLicense() map[string]string

func (*App) ClusterClearSessionCacheForUserHandler

func (a *App) ClusterClearSessionCacheForUserHandler(msg *model.ClusterMessage)

func (*App) ClusterInvalidateAllCachesHandler

func (a *App) ClusterInvalidateAllCachesHandler(msg *model.ClusterMessage)

func (*App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForChannelByNameHandler

func (a *App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForChannelByNameHandler(msg *model.ClusterMessage)

func (*App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForChannelHandler

func (a *App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForChannelHandler(msg *model.ClusterMessage)

func (*App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForChannelMembersHandler

func (a *App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForChannelMembersHandler(msg *model.ClusterMessage)

func (*App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForChannelMembersNotifyPropHandler

func (a *App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForChannelMembersNotifyPropHandler(msg *model.ClusterMessage)

func (*App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForChannelPostsHandler

func (a *App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForChannelPostsHandler(msg *model.ClusterMessage)

func (*App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForUserHandler

func (a *App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForUserHandler(msg *model.ClusterMessage)

func (*App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForWebhookHandler

func (a *App) ClusterInvalidateCacheForWebhookHandler(msg *model.ClusterMessage)

func (*App) ClusterPublishHandler

func (a *App) ClusterPublishHandler(msg *model.ClusterMessage)

func (*App) ClusterUpdateStatusHandler

func (a *App) ClusterUpdateStatusHandler(msg *model.ClusterMessage)

func (*App) CompleteOAuth

func (a *App) CompleteOAuth(service string, body io.ReadCloser, teamId string, props map[string]string) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CompleteSwitchWithOAuth

func (a *App) CompleteSwitchWithOAuth(service string, userData io.Reader, email string) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) Config

func (a *App) Config() *model.Config

func (*App) CopyFileInfos

func (a *App) CopyFileInfos(userId string, fileIds []string) ([]string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateBasicUser

func (a *App) CreateBasicUser(client *model.Client4) *model.AppError

Basic test team and user so you always know one

func (*App) CreateBot

func (a *App) CreateBot(bot *model.Bot) (*model.Bot, *model.AppError)

CreateBot creates the given bot and corresponding user.

func (*App) CreateChannel

func (a *App) CreateChannel(channel *model.Channel, addMember bool) (*model.Channel, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateChannelWithUser

func (a *App) CreateChannelWithUser(channel *model.Channel, userId string) (*model.Channel, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateCommand

func (a *App) CreateCommand(cmd *model.Command) (*model.Command, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateCommandPost

func (a *App) CreateCommandPost(post *model.Post, teamId string, response *model.CommandResponse) (*model.Post, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateCommandWebhook

func (a *App) CreateCommandWebhook(commandId string, args *model.CommandArgs) (*model.CommandWebhook, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateDefaultChannels

func (a *App) CreateDefaultChannels(teamId string) ([]*model.Channel, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateEmoji

func (a *App) CreateEmoji(sessionUserId string, emoji *model.Emoji, multiPartImageData *multipart.Form) (*model.Emoji, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateGroup

func (a *App) CreateGroup(group *model.Group) (*model.Group, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateGroupChannel

func (a *App) CreateGroupChannel(userIds []string, creatorId string) (*model.Channel, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateGroupSyncable

func (a *App) CreateGroupSyncable(groupSyncable *model.GroupSyncable) (*model.GroupSyncable, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateIncomingWebhookForChannel

func (a *App) CreateIncomingWebhookForChannel(creatorId string, channel *model.Channel, hook *model.IncomingWebhook) (*model.IncomingWebhook, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateJob

func (a *App) CreateJob(job *model.Job) (*model.Job, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateOAuthApp

func (a *App) CreateOAuthApp(app *model.OAuthApp) (*model.OAuthApp, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateOAuthStateToken

func (a *App) CreateOAuthStateToken(extra string) (*model.Token, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateOAuthUser

func (a *App) CreateOAuthUser(service string, userData io.Reader, teamId string) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateOrRestoreGroupMember

func (a *App) CreateOrRestoreGroupMember(groupID string, userID string) (*model.GroupMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateOutgoingWebhook

func (a *App) CreateOutgoingWebhook(hook *model.OutgoingWebhook) (*model.OutgoingWebhook, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreatePasswordRecoveryToken

func (a *App) CreatePasswordRecoveryToken(userId, email string) (*model.Token, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreatePost

func (a *App) CreatePost(post *model.Post, channel *model.Channel, triggerWebhooks bool) (savedPost *model.Post, err *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreatePostAsUser

func (a *App) CreatePostAsUser(post *model.Post, currentSessionId string) (*model.Post, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreatePostMissingChannel

func (a *App) CreatePostMissingChannel(post *model.Post, triggerWebhooks bool) (*model.Post, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreatePushNotificationsHub

func (a *App) CreatePushNotificationsHub()

func (*App) CreateRole

func (a *App) CreateRole(role *model.Role) (*model.Role, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateScheme

func (a *App) CreateScheme(scheme *model.Scheme) (*model.Scheme, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateSession

func (a *App) CreateSession(session *model.Session) (*model.Session, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateTeam

func (a *App) CreateTeam(team *model.Team) (*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateTeamWithUser

func (a *App) CreateTeamWithUser(team *model.Team, userId string) (*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateTermsOfService

func (a *App) CreateTermsOfService(text, userId string) (*model.TermsOfService, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateUser

func (a *App) CreateUser(user *model.User) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

CreateUser creates a user and sets several fields of the returned User struct to their zero values.

func (*App) CreateUserAccessToken

func (a *App) CreateUserAccessToken(token *model.UserAccessToken) (*model.UserAccessToken, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateUserAsAdmin

func (a *App) CreateUserAsAdmin(user *model.User) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateUserFromSignup

func (a *App) CreateUserFromSignup(user *model.User) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateUserWithInviteId

func (a *App) CreateUserWithInviteId(user *model.User, inviteId string) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateUserWithToken

func (a *App) CreateUserWithToken(user *model.User, tokenId string) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateVerifyEmailToken

func (a *App) CreateVerifyEmailToken(userId string, newEmail string) (*model.Token, *model.AppError)

func (*App) CreateWebhookPost

func (a *App) CreateWebhookPost(userId string, channel *model.Channel, text, overrideUsername, overrideIconUrl string, props model.StringInterface, postType string, postRootId string) (*model.Post, *model.AppError)

func (*App) DeactivateMfa

func (a *App) DeactivateMfa(userId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) DeauthorizeOAuthAppForUser

func (a *App) DeauthorizeOAuthAppForUser(userId, appId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) DeleteAllExpiredPluginKeys

func (a *App) DeleteAllExpiredPluginKeys() *model.AppError

func (*App) DeleteAllKeysForPlugin

func (a *App) DeleteAllKeysForPlugin(pluginId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) DeleteBrandImage

func (a *App) DeleteBrandImage() *model.AppError

func (*App) DeleteChannel

func (a *App) DeleteChannel(channel *model.Channel, userId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) DeleteCommand

func (a *App) DeleteCommand(commandId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) DeleteEmoji

func (a *App) DeleteEmoji(emoji *model.Emoji) *model.AppError

func (*App) DeleteEphemeralPost

func (a *App) DeleteEphemeralPost(userId string, post *model.Post) *model.Post

func (*App) DeleteFlaggedPosts

func (a *App) DeleteFlaggedPosts(postId string)

func (*App) DeleteGroup

func (a *App) DeleteGroup(groupID string) (*model.Group, *model.AppError)

func (*App) DeleteGroupMember

func (a *App) DeleteGroupMember(groupID string, userID string) (*model.GroupMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) DeleteGroupSyncable

func (a *App) DeleteGroupSyncable(groupID string, syncableID string, syncableType model.GroupSyncableType) (*model.GroupSyncable, *model.AppError)

func (*App) DeleteIncomingWebhook

func (a *App) DeleteIncomingWebhook(hookId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) DeleteOAuthApp

func (a *App) DeleteOAuthApp(appId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) DeleteOutgoingWebhook

func (a *App) DeleteOutgoingWebhook(hookId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) DeletePluginKey

func (a *App) DeletePluginKey(pluginId string, key string) *model.AppError

func (*App) DeletePost

func (a *App) DeletePost(postId, deleteByID string) (*model.Post, *model.AppError)

func (*App) DeletePostFiles

func (a *App) DeletePostFiles(post *model.Post)

func (*App) DeletePreferences

func (a *App) DeletePreferences(userId string, preferences model.Preferences) *model.AppError

func (*App) DeleteReactionForPost

func (a *App) DeleteReactionForPost(reaction *model.Reaction) *model.AppError

func (*App) DeleteScheme

func (a *App) DeleteScheme(schemeId string) (*model.Scheme, *model.AppError)

func (*App) DeleteToken

func (a *App) DeleteToken(token *model.Token) *model.AppError

func (*App) DiagnosticId

func (a *App) DiagnosticId() string

func (*App) DisableAutoResponder

func (a *App) DisableAutoResponder(userId string, asAdmin bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) DisablePlugin

func (a *App) DisablePlugin(id string) *model.AppError

DisablePlugin will set the config for an installed plugin to disabled, triggering deactivation if active.

func (*App) DisableUserAccessToken

func (a *App) DisableUserAccessToken(token *model.UserAccessToken) *model.AppError

func (*App) DoActionRequest

func (a *App) DoActionRequest(rawURL string, body []byte) (*http.Response, *model.AppError)

Perform an HTTP POST request to an integration's action endpoint. Caller must consume and close returned http.Response as necessary.

func (*App) DoAdvancedPermissionsMigration

func (a *App) DoAdvancedPermissionsMigration()

This function migrates the default built in roles from code/config to the database.

func (*App) DoEmojisPermissionsMigration

func (a *App) DoEmojisPermissionsMigration()

func (*App) DoLogin

func (a *App) DoLogin(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, user *model.User, deviceId string) (*model.Session, *model.AppError)

func (*App) DoPermissionsMigrations

func (a *App) DoPermissionsMigrations() *model.AppError

DoPermissionsMigrations execute all the permissions migrations need by the current version.

func (*App) DoPostAction

func (a *App) DoPostAction(postId, actionId, userId, selectedOption string) (string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) DoPostActionWithCookie

func (a *App) DoPostActionWithCookie(postId, actionId, userId, selectedOption string, cookie *model.PostActionCookie) (string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) DoUploadFile

func (a *App) DoUploadFile(now time.Time, rawTeamId string, rawChannelId string, rawUserId string, rawFilename string, data []byte) (*model.FileInfo, *model.AppError)

func (*App) DoUploadFileExpectModification

func (a *App) DoUploadFileExpectModification(now time.Time, rawTeamId string, rawChannelId string, rawUserId string, rawFilename string, data []byte) (*model.FileInfo, []byte, *model.AppError)

func (*App) DoubleCheckPassword

func (a *App) DoubleCheckPassword(user *model.User, password string) *model.AppError

This to be used for places we check the users password when they are already logged in

func (*App) EnablePlugin

func (a *App) EnablePlugin(id string) *model.AppError

EnablePlugin will set the config for an installed plugin to enabled, triggering asynchronous activation if inactive anywhere in the cluster.

func (*App) EnableUserAccessToken

func (a *App) EnableUserAccessToken(token *model.UserAccessToken) *model.AppError

func (*App) EnsureDiagnosticId

func (a *App) EnsureDiagnosticId()

func (*App) EnvironmentConfig

func (a *App) EnvironmentConfig() map[string]interface{}

func (*App) ExecuteCommand

func (a *App) ExecuteCommand(args *model.CommandArgs) (*model.CommandResponse, *model.AppError)

func (*App) ExportAllChannels

func (a *App) ExportAllChannels(writer io.Writer) *model.AppError

func (*App) ExportAllDirectChannels

func (a *App) ExportAllDirectChannels(writer io.Writer) *model.AppError

func (*App) ExportAllDirectPosts

func (a *App) ExportAllDirectPosts(writer io.Writer) *model.AppError

func (*App) ExportAllPosts

func (a *App) ExportAllPosts(writer io.Writer) *model.AppError

func (*App) ExportAllTeams

func (a *App) ExportAllTeams(writer io.Writer) *model.AppError

func (*App) ExportAllUsers

func (a *App) ExportAllUsers(writer io.Writer) *model.AppError

func (*App) ExportCustomEmoji

func (a *App) ExportCustomEmoji(writer io.Writer, file string, pathToEmojiDir string, dirNameToExportEmoji string) *model.AppError

func (*App) ExportPermissions

func (a *App) ExportPermissions(w io.Writer) error

func (*App) ExportVersion

func (a *App) ExportVersion(writer io.Writer) *model.AppError

func (*App) ExportWriteLine

func (a *App) ExportWriteLine(writer io.Writer, line *LineImportData) *model.AppError

func (*App) FileBackend

func (a *App) FileBackend() (filesstore.FileBackend, *model.AppError)

func (*App) FileExists

func (a *App) FileExists(path string) (bool, *model.AppError)

func (*App) FileReader

func (a *App) FileReader(path string) (io.ReadCloser, *model.AppError)

Caller must close the first return value

func (*App) FillInChannelProps

func (a *App) FillInChannelProps(channel *model.Channel) *model.AppError

func (*App) FillInChannelsProps

func (a *App) FillInChannelsProps(channelList *model.ChannelList) *model.AppError

func (*App) FillInPostProps

func (a *App) FillInPostProps(post *model.Post, channel *model.Channel) *model.AppError

FillInPostProps should be invoked before saving posts to fill in properties such as channel_mentions.

If channel is nil, FillInPostProps will look up the channel corresponding to the post.

func (*App) FindTeamByName

func (a *App) FindTeamByName(name string) bool

func (*App) FindTeamIdForFilename

func (a *App) FindTeamIdForFilename(post *model.Post, filename string) string

func (*App) GenerateMfaSecret

func (a *App) GenerateMfaSecret(userId string) (*model.MfaSecret, *model.AppError)
func (a *App) GeneratePublicLink(siteURL string, info *model.FileInfo) string

func (*App) GetActivePluginManifests

func (a *App) GetActivePluginManifests() ([]*model.Manifest, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAllChannels

func (a *App) GetAllChannels(page, perPage int, includeDeleted bool) (*model.ChannelListWithTeamData, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAllLdapGroupsPage

func (a *App) GetAllLdapGroupsPage(page int, perPage int, opts model.GroupSearchOpts) ([]*model.Group, int, *model.AppError)

GetAllLdapGroupsPage retrieves all LDAP groups under the configured base DN using the default or configured group filter.

func (*App) GetAllPrivateTeams

func (a *App) GetAllPrivateTeams() ([]*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAllPrivateTeamsPage

func (a *App) GetAllPrivateTeamsPage(offset int, limit int) ([]*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAllPublicTeams

func (a *App) GetAllPublicTeams() ([]*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAllPublicTeamsPage

func (a *App) GetAllPublicTeamsPage(offset int, limit int) ([]*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAllRoles

func (a *App) GetAllRoles() ([]*model.Role, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAllStatuses

func (a *App) GetAllStatuses() map[string]*model.Status

func (*App) GetAllTeams

func (a *App) GetAllTeams() ([]*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAllTeamsPage

func (a *App) GetAllTeamsPage(offset int, limit int) ([]*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAnalytics

func (a *App) GetAnalytics(name string, teamId string) (model.AnalyticsRows, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAudits

func (a *App) GetAudits(userId string, limit int) (model.Audits, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAuditsPage

func (a *App) GetAuditsPage(userId string, page int, perPage int) (model.Audits, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAuthorizationCode

func (a *App) GetAuthorizationCode(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, service string, props map[string]string, loginHint string) (string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetAuthorizedAppsForUser

func (a *App) GetAuthorizedAppsForUser(userId string, page, perPage int) ([]*model.OAuthApp, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetBot

func (a *App) GetBot(botUserId string, includeDeleted bool) (*model.Bot, *model.AppError)

GetBot returns the given bot.

func (*App) GetBots

func (a *App) GetBots(options *model.BotGetOptions) (model.BotList, *model.AppError)

GetBots returns the requested page of bots.

func (*App) GetBrandImage

func (a *App) GetBrandImage() ([]byte, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetBulkReactionsForPosts

func (a *App) GetBulkReactionsForPosts(postIds []string) (map[string][]*model.Reaction, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannel

func (a *App) GetChannel(channelId string) (*model.Channel, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelByName

func (a *App) GetChannelByName(channelName, teamId string, includeDeleted bool) (*model.Channel, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelByNameForTeamName

func (a *App) GetChannelByNameForTeamName(channelName, teamName string, includeDeleted bool) (*model.Channel, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelCounts

func (a *App) GetChannelCounts(teamId string, userId string) (*model.ChannelCounts, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelMember

func (a *App) GetChannelMember(channelId string, userId string) (*model.ChannelMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelMemberCount

func (a *App) GetChannelMemberCount(channelId string) (int64, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelMembersByIds

func (a *App) GetChannelMembersByIds(channelId string, userIds []string) (*model.ChannelMembers, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelMembersForUser

func (a *App) GetChannelMembersForUser(teamId string, userId string) (*model.ChannelMembers, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelMembersForUserWithPagination

func (a *App) GetChannelMembersForUserWithPagination(teamId, userId string, page, perPage int) ([]*model.ChannelMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelMembersPage

func (a *App) GetChannelMembersPage(channelId string, page, perPage int) (*model.ChannelMembers, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelMembersTimezones

func (a *App) GetChannelMembersTimezones(channelId string) ([]string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelUnread

func (a *App) GetChannelUnread(channelId, userId string) (*model.ChannelUnread, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelsByNames

func (a *App) GetChannelsByNames(channelNames []string, teamId string) ([]*model.Channel, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelsForScheme

func (a *App) GetChannelsForScheme(scheme *model.Scheme, offset int, limit int) (model.ChannelList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelsForSchemePage

func (a *App) GetChannelsForSchemePage(scheme *model.Scheme, page int, perPage int) (model.ChannelList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelsForUser

func (a *App) GetChannelsForUser(teamId string, userId string, includeDeleted bool) (*model.ChannelList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetChannelsUserNotIn

func (a *App) GetChannelsUserNotIn(teamId string, userId string, offset int, limit int) (*model.ChannelList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetClientLicenseEtag

func (a *App) GetClientLicenseEtag(useSanitized bool) string

func (*App) GetClusterId

func (a *App) GetClusterId() string

func (*App) GetClusterPluginStatuses

func (a *App) GetClusterPluginStatuses() (model.PluginStatuses, *model.AppError)

GetClusterPluginStatuses returns the status for plugins installed anywhere in the cluster.

func (*App) GetClusterStatus

func (a *App) GetClusterStatus() []*model.ClusterInfo

func (*App) GetCommand

func (a *App) GetCommand(commandId string) (*model.Command, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetComplianceFile

func (a *App) GetComplianceFile(job *model.Compliance) ([]byte, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetComplianceReport

func (a *App) GetComplianceReport(reportId string) (*model.Compliance, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetComplianceReports

func (a *App) GetComplianceReports(page, perPage int) (model.Compliances, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetConfigFile

func (a *App) GetConfigFile(name string) ([]byte, error)

GetConfigFile proxies access to the given configuration file to the underlying config store.

func (*App) GetCookieDomain

func (a *App) GetCookieDomain() string

func (*App) GetDataRetentionPolicy

func (a *App) GetDataRetentionPolicy() (*model.DataRetentionPolicy, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetDefaultProfileImage

func (a *App) GetDefaultProfileImage(user *model.User) ([]byte, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetDeletedChannels

func (a *App) GetDeletedChannels(teamId string, offset int, limit int) (*model.ChannelList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetEmoji

func (a *App) GetEmoji(emojiId string) (*model.Emoji, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetEmojiByName

func (a *App) GetEmojiByName(emojiName string) (*model.Emoji, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetEmojiImage

func (a *App) GetEmojiImage(emojiId string) ([]byte, string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetEmojiList

func (a *App) GetEmojiList(page, perPage int, sort string) ([]*model.Emoji, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetEnvironmentConfig

func (a *App) GetEnvironmentConfig() map[string]interface{}

GetEnvironmentConfig returns a map of configuration keys whose values have been overridden by an environment variable.

func (*App) GetFile

func (a *App) GetFile(fileId string) ([]byte, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetFileInfo

func (a *App) GetFileInfo(fileId string) (*model.FileInfo, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetFileInfosForPost

func (a *App) GetFileInfosForPost(postId string) ([]*model.FileInfo, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetFileInfosForPostWithMigration

func (a *App) GetFileInfosForPostWithMigration(postId string) ([]*model.FileInfo, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetFlaggedPosts

func (a *App) GetFlaggedPosts(userId string, offset int, limit int) (*model.PostList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetFlaggedPostsForChannel

func (a *App) GetFlaggedPostsForChannel(userId, channelId string, offset int, limit int) (*model.PostList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetFlaggedPostsForTeam

func (a *App) GetFlaggedPostsForTeam(userId, teamId string, offset int, limit int) (*model.PostList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetGroup

func (a *App) GetGroup(id string) (*model.Group, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetGroupByRemoteID

func (a *App) GetGroupByRemoteID(remoteID string, groupSource model.GroupSource) (*model.Group, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetGroupChannel

func (a *App) GetGroupChannel(userIds []string) (*model.Channel, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetGroupMemberUsers

func (a *App) GetGroupMemberUsers(groupID string) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetGroupMemberUsersPage

func (a *App) GetGroupMemberUsersPage(groupID string, page int, perPage int) ([]*model.User, int, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetGroupSyncable

func (a *App) GetGroupSyncable(groupID string, syncableID string, syncableType model.GroupSyncableType) (*model.GroupSyncable, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetGroupSyncables

func (a *App) GetGroupSyncables(groupID string, syncableType model.GroupSyncableType) ([]*model.GroupSyncable, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetGroupsBySource

func (a *App) GetGroupsBySource(groupSource model.GroupSource) ([]*model.Group, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetHubForUserId

func (a *App) GetHubForUserId(userId string) *Hub

func (*App) GetIncomingWebhook

func (a *App) GetIncomingWebhook(hookId string) (*model.IncomingWebhook, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetIncomingWebhooksForTeamPage

func (a *App) GetIncomingWebhooksForTeamPage(teamId string, page, perPage int) ([]*model.IncomingWebhook, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetIncomingWebhooksPage

func (a *App) GetIncomingWebhooksPage(page, perPage int) ([]*model.IncomingWebhook, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetInfoForFilename

func (a *App) GetInfoForFilename(post *model.Post, teamId string, filename string) *model.FileInfo

func (*App) GetJob

func (a *App) GetJob(id string) (*model.Job, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetJobs

func (a *App) GetJobs(offset int, limit int) ([]*model.Job, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetJobsByType

func (a *App) GetJobsByType(jobType string, offset int, limit int) ([]*model.Job, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetJobsByTypePage

func (a *App) GetJobsByTypePage(jobType string, page int, perPage int) ([]*model.Job, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetJobsPage

func (a *App) GetJobsPage(page int, perPage int) ([]*model.Job, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetLatestTermsOfService

func (a *App) GetLatestTermsOfService() (*model.TermsOfService, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetLdapGroup

func (a *App) GetLdapGroup(ldapGroupID string) (*model.Group, *model.AppError)

GetLdapGroup retrieves a single LDAP group by the given LDAP group id.

func (*App) GetLogs

func (a *App) GetLogs(page, perPage int) ([]string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetLogsSkipSend

func (a *App) GetLogsSkipSend(page, perPage int) ([]string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetMentionKeywordsInChannel

func (a *App) GetMentionKeywordsInChannel(profiles map[string]*model.User, lookForSpecialMentions bool, channelMemberNotifyPropsMap map[string]model.StringMap) map[string][]string

Given a map of user IDs to profiles, returns a list of mention keywords for all users in the channel.

func (*App) GetMessageForNotification

func (a *App) GetMessageForNotification(post *model.Post, translateFunc i18n.TranslateFunc) string

func (*App) GetMultipleEmojiByName

func (a *App) GetMultipleEmojiByName(names []string) ([]*model.Emoji, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetNewUsersForTeamPage

func (a *App) GetNewUsersForTeamPage(teamId string, page, perPage int, asAdmin bool) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetNumberOfChannelsOnTeam

func (a *App) GetNumberOfChannelsOnTeam(teamId string) (int, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOAuthAccessTokenForCodeFlow

func (a *App) GetOAuthAccessTokenForCodeFlow(clientId, grantType, redirectUri, code, secret, refreshToken string) (*model.AccessResponse, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOAuthAccessTokenForImplicitFlow

func (a *App) GetOAuthAccessTokenForImplicitFlow(userId string, authRequest *model.AuthorizeRequest) (*model.Session, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOAuthApp

func (a *App) GetOAuthApp(appId string) (*model.OAuthApp, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOAuthApps

func (a *App) GetOAuthApps(page, perPage int) ([]*model.OAuthApp, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOAuthAppsByCreator

func (a *App) GetOAuthAppsByCreator(userId string, page, perPage int) ([]*model.OAuthApp, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOAuthCodeRedirect

func (a *App) GetOAuthCodeRedirect(userId string, authRequest *model.AuthorizeRequest) (string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOAuthImplicitRedirect

func (a *App) GetOAuthImplicitRedirect(userId string, authRequest *model.AuthorizeRequest) (string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOAuthLoginEndpoint

func (a *App) GetOAuthLoginEndpoint(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, service, teamId, action, redirectTo, loginHint string) (string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOAuthSignupEndpoint

func (a *App) GetOAuthSignupEndpoint(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, service, teamId string) (string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOAuthStateToken

func (a *App) GetOAuthStateToken(token string) (*model.Token, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOpenGraphMetadata

func (a *App) GetOpenGraphMetadata(requestURL string) *opengraph.OpenGraph

func (*App) GetOrCreateDirectChannel

func (a *App) GetOrCreateDirectChannel(userId, otherUserId string) (*model.Channel, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOutgoingWebhook

func (a *App) GetOutgoingWebhook(hookId string) (*model.OutgoingWebhook, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOutgoingWebhooksForChannelPage

func (a *App) GetOutgoingWebhooksForChannelPage(channelId string, page, perPage int) ([]*model.OutgoingWebhook, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOutgoingWebhooksForTeamPage

func (a *App) GetOutgoingWebhooksForTeamPage(teamId string, page, perPage int) ([]*model.OutgoingWebhook, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetOutgoingWebhooksPage

func (a *App) GetOutgoingWebhooksPage(page, perPage int) ([]*model.OutgoingWebhook, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPasswordRecoveryToken

func (a *App) GetPasswordRecoveryToken(token string) (*model.Token, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPermalinkPost

func (a *App) GetPermalinkPost(postId string, userId string) (*model.PostList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPinnedPosts

func (a *App) GetPinnedPosts(channelId string) (*model.PostList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPluginKey

func (a *App) GetPluginKey(pluginId string, key string) ([]byte, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPluginStatus

func (a *App) GetPluginStatus(id string) (*model.PluginStatus, *model.AppError)

GetPluginStatus returns the status for a plugin installed on this server.

func (*App) GetPluginStatuses

func (a *App) GetPluginStatuses() (model.PluginStatuses, *model.AppError)

GetPluginStatuses returns the status for plugins installed on this server.

func (*App) GetPlugins

func (a *App) GetPlugins() (*model.PluginsResponse, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPluginsEnvironment

func (a *App) GetPluginsEnvironment() *plugin.Environment

GetPluginsEnvironment returns the plugin environment for use if plugins are enabled and initialized.

To get the plugins environment when the plugins are disabled, manually acquire the plugins lock instead.

func (*App) GetPostThread

func (a *App) GetPostThread(postId string) (*model.PostList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPosts

func (a *App) GetPosts(channelId string, offset int, limit int) (*model.PostList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPostsAfterPost

func (a *App) GetPostsAfterPost(channelId, postId string, page, perPage int) (*model.PostList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPostsAroundPost

func (a *App) GetPostsAroundPost(postId, channelId string, offset, limit int, before bool) (*model.PostList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPostsBeforePost

func (a *App) GetPostsBeforePost(channelId, postId string, page, perPage int) (*model.PostList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPostsEtag

func (a *App) GetPostsEtag(channelId string) string

func (*App) GetPostsPage

func (a *App) GetPostsPage(channelId string, page int, perPage int) (*model.PostList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPostsSince

func (a *App) GetPostsSince(channelId string, time int64) (*model.PostList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPreferenceByCategoryAndNameForUser

func (a *App) GetPreferenceByCategoryAndNameForUser(userId string, category string, preferenceName string) (*model.Preference, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPreferenceByCategoryForUser

func (a *App) GetPreferenceByCategoryForUser(userId string, category string) (model.Preferences, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPreferencesForUser

func (a *App) GetPreferencesForUser(userId string) (model.Preferences, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetProfileImage

func (a *App) GetProfileImage(user *model.User) ([]byte, bool, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPublicChannelsByIdsForTeam

func (a *App) GetPublicChannelsByIdsForTeam(teamId string, channelIds []string) (*model.ChannelList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetPublicChannelsForTeam

func (a *App) GetPublicChannelsForTeam(teamId string, offset int, limit int) (*model.ChannelList, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetReactionsForPost

func (a *App) GetReactionsForPost(postId string) ([]*model.Reaction, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetRecentlyActiveUsersForTeam

func (a *App) GetRecentlyActiveUsersForTeam(teamId string) (map[string]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetRecentlyActiveUsersForTeamPage

func (a *App) GetRecentlyActiveUsersForTeamPage(teamId string, page, perPage int, asAdmin bool) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetRole

func (a *App) GetRole(id string) (*model.Role, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetRoleByName

func (a *App) GetRoleByName(name string) (*model.Role, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetRolesByNames

func (a *App) GetRolesByNames(names []string) ([]*model.Role, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetSamlCertificateStatus

func (a *App) GetSamlCertificateStatus() *model.SamlCertificateStatus

func (*App) GetSamlMetadata

func (a *App) GetSamlMetadata() (string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetSanitizeOptions

func (a *App) GetSanitizeOptions(asAdmin bool) map[string]bool

func (*App) GetSanitizedClientLicense

func (a *App) GetSanitizedClientLicense() map[string]string

func (*App) GetSanitizedConfig

func (a *App) GetSanitizedConfig() *model.Config

GetSanitizedConfig gets the configuration for a system admin without any secrets.

func (*App) GetScheme

func (a *App) GetScheme(id string) (*model.Scheme, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetSchemeByName

func (a *App) GetSchemeByName(name string) (*model.Scheme, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetSchemeRolesForChannel

func (a *App) GetSchemeRolesForChannel(channelId string) (string, string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetSchemeRolesForTeam

func (a *App) GetSchemeRolesForTeam(teamId string) (string, string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetSchemes

func (a *App) GetSchemes(scope string, offset int, limit int) ([]*model.Scheme, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetSchemesPage

func (a *App) GetSchemesPage(scope string, page int, perPage int) ([]*model.Scheme, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetSession

func (a *App) GetSession(token string) (*model.Session, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetSessionById

func (a *App) GetSessionById(sessionId string) (*model.Session, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetSessions

func (a *App) GetSessions(userId string) ([]*model.Session, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetSinglePost

func (a *App) GetSinglePost(postId string) (*model.Post, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetSiteURL

func (a *App) GetSiteURL() string

func (*App) GetStatus

func (a *App) GetStatus(userId string) (*model.Status, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetStatusesByIds

func (a *App) GetStatusesByIds(userIds []string) (map[string]interface{}, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeam

func (a *App) GetTeam(teamId string) (*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamByInviteId

func (a *App) GetTeamByInviteId(inviteId string) (*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamByName

func (a *App) GetTeamByName(name string) (*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamIcon

func (a *App) GetTeamIcon(team *model.Team) ([]byte, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamIdFromQuery

func (a *App) GetTeamIdFromQuery(query url.Values) (string, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamMember

func (a *App) GetTeamMember(teamId, userId string) (*model.TeamMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamMembers

func (a *App) GetTeamMembers(teamId string, offset int, limit int) ([]*model.TeamMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamMembersByIds

func (a *App) GetTeamMembersByIds(teamId string, userIds []string) ([]*model.TeamMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamMembersForUser

func (a *App) GetTeamMembersForUser(userId string) ([]*model.TeamMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamMembersForUserWithPagination

func (a *App) GetTeamMembersForUserWithPagination(userId string, page, perPage int) ([]*model.TeamMember, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamStats

func (a *App) GetTeamStats(teamId string) (*model.TeamStats, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamUnread

func (a *App) GetTeamUnread(teamId, userId string) (*model.TeamUnread, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamsForScheme

func (a *App) GetTeamsForScheme(scheme *model.Scheme, offset int, limit int) ([]*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamsForSchemePage

func (a *App) GetTeamsForSchemePage(scheme *model.Scheme, page int, perPage int) ([]*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamsForUser

func (a *App) GetTeamsForUser(userId string) ([]*model.Team, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTeamsUnreadForUser

func (a *App) GetTeamsUnreadForUser(excludeTeamId string, userId string) ([]*model.TeamUnread, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTermsOfService

func (a *App) GetTermsOfService(id string) (*model.TermsOfService, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetTotalUsersStats

func (a *App) GetTotalUsersStats() (*model.UsersStats, *model.AppError)

GetTotalUsersStats is used for the DM list total

func (*App) GetUser

func (a *App) GetUser(userId string) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUserAccessToken

func (a *App) GetUserAccessToken(tokenId string, sanitize bool) (*model.UserAccessToken, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUserAccessTokens

func (a *App) GetUserAccessTokens(page, perPage int) ([]*model.UserAccessToken, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUserAccessTokensForUser

func (a *App) GetUserAccessTokensForUser(userId string, page, perPage int) ([]*model.UserAccessToken, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUserByAuth

func (a *App) GetUserByAuth(authData *string, authService string) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUserByEmail

func (a *App) GetUserByEmail(email string) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUserByUsername

func (a *App) GetUserByUsername(username string) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUserForLogin

func (a *App) GetUserForLogin(id, loginId string) (*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUserStatusesByIds

func (a *App) GetUserStatusesByIds(userIds []string) ([]*model.Status, *model.AppError)

GetUserStatusesByIds used by apiV4

func (*App) GetUserTermsOfService

func (a *App) GetUserTermsOfService(userId string) (*model.UserTermsOfService, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsers

func (a *App) GetUsers(options *model.UserGetOptions) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersByIds

func (a *App) GetUsersByIds(userIds []string, asAdmin bool) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersByUsernames

func (a *App) GetUsersByUsernames(usernames []string, asAdmin bool) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersEtag

func (a *App) GetUsersEtag() string

func (*App) GetUsersInChannel

func (a *App) GetUsersInChannel(channelId string, offset int, limit int) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersInChannelByStatus

func (a *App) GetUsersInChannelByStatus(channelId string, offset int, limit int) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersInChannelMap

func (a *App) GetUsersInChannelMap(channelId string, offset int, limit int, asAdmin bool) (map[string]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersInChannelPage

func (a *App) GetUsersInChannelPage(channelId string, page int, perPage int, asAdmin bool) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersInChannelPageByStatus

func (a *App) GetUsersInChannelPageByStatus(channelId string, page int, perPage int, asAdmin bool) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersInTeam

func (a *App) GetUsersInTeam(options *model.UserGetOptions) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersInTeamEtag

func (a *App) GetUsersInTeamEtag(teamId string) string

func (*App) GetUsersInTeamPage

func (a *App) GetUsersInTeamPage(options *model.UserGetOptions, asAdmin bool) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersNotInChannel

func (a *App) GetUsersNotInChannel(teamId string, channelId string, offset int, limit int) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersNotInChannelMap

func (a *App) GetUsersNotInChannelMap(teamId string, channelId string, offset int, limit int, asAdmin bool) (map[string]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersNotInChannelPage

func (a *App) GetUsersNotInChannelPage(teamId string, channelId string, page int, perPage int, asAdmin bool) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersNotInTeam

func (a *App) GetUsersNotInTeam(teamId string, offset int, limit int) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersNotInTeamEtag

func (a *App) GetUsersNotInTeamEtag(teamId string) string

func (*App) GetUsersNotInTeamPage

func (a *App) GetUsersNotInTeamPage(teamId string, page int, perPage int, asAdmin bool) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersPage

func (a *App) GetUsersPage(options *model.UserGetOptions, asAdmin bool) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersWithoutTeam

func (a *App) GetUsersWithoutTeam(offset int, limit int) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetUsersWithoutTeamPage

func (a *App) GetUsersWithoutTeamPage(page int, perPage int, asAdmin bool) ([]*model.User, *model.AppError)

func (*App) GetVerifyEmailToken

func (a *App) GetVerifyEmailToken(token string) (*model.Token, *model.AppError)

func (*App) HTMLTemplates

func (a *App) HTMLTemplates() *template.Template

func (*App) Handle404

func (a *App) Handle404(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

func (*App) HandleCommandResponse

func (a *App) HandleCommandResponse(command *model.Command, args *model.CommandArgs, response *model.CommandResponse, builtIn bool) (*model.CommandResponse, *model.AppError)

func (*App) HandleCommandResponsePost

func (a *App) HandleCommandResponsePost(command *model.Command, args *model.CommandArgs, response *model.CommandResponse, builtIn bool) (*model.Post, *model.AppError)

func (*App) HandleCommandWebhook

func (a *App) HandleCommandWebhook(hookId string, response *model.CommandResponse) *model.AppError

func (*App) HandleImages

func (a *App) HandleImages(previewPathList []string, thumbnailPathList []string, fileData [][]byte)

func (*App) HandleIncomingWebhook

func (a *App) HandleIncomingWebhook(hookId string, req *model.IncomingWebhookRequest) *model.AppError

func (*App) HasPermissionTo

func (a *App) HasPermissionTo(askingUserId string, permission *model.Permission) bool

func (*App) HasPermissionToChannel

func (a *App) HasPermissionToChannel(askingUserId string, channelId string, permission *model.Permission) bool

func (*App) HasPermissionToChannelByPost

func (a *App) HasPermissionToChannelByPost(askingUserId string, postId string, permission *model.Permission) bool

func (*App) HasPermissionToTeam

func (a *App) HasPermissionToTeam(askingUserId string, teamId string, permission *model.Permission) bool

func (*App) HasPermissionToUser

func (a *App) HasPermissionToUser(askingUserId string, userId string) bool

func (*App) HubRegister

func (a *App) HubRegister(webConn *WebConn)

func (*App) HubStart

func (a *App) HubStart()

func (*App) HubStop

func (a *App) HubStop()

func (*App) HubUnregister

func (a *App) HubUnregister(webConn *WebConn)

func (*App) ImageProxyAdder

func (a *App) ImageProxyAdder() func(string) string

func (*App) ImageProxyRemover

func (a *App) ImageProxyRemover() (f func(string) string)

func (*App) ImportAttachment

func (a *App) ImportAttachment(data *AttachmentImportData, post *model.Post, teamId string, dryRun bool) (*model.FileInfo, *model.AppError)

func (*App) ImportChannel

func (a *App) ImportChannel(data *ChannelImportData, dryRun bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportDirectChannel

func (a *App) ImportDirectChannel(data *DirectChannelImportData, dryRun bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportDirectPost

func (a *App) ImportDirectPost(data *DirectPostImportData, dryRun bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportEmoji

func (a *App) ImportEmoji(data *EmojiImportData, dryRun bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportLine

func (a *App) ImportLine(line LineImportData, dryRun bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportPermissions

func (a *App) ImportPermissions(jsonl io.Reader) error

func (*App) ImportPost

func (a *App) ImportPost(data *PostImportData, dryRun bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportReaction

func (a *App) ImportReaction(data *ReactionImportData, post *model.Post, dryRun bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportReply

func (a *App) ImportReply(data *ReplyImportData, post *model.Post, teamId string, dryRun bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportRole

func (a *App) ImportRole(data *RoleImportData, dryRun bool, isSchemeRole bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportScheme

func (a *App) ImportScheme(data *SchemeImportData, dryRun bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportTeam

func (a *App) ImportTeam(data *TeamImportData, dryRun bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportUser

func (a *App) ImportUser(data *UserImportData, dryRun bool) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportUserChannels

func (a *App) ImportUserChannels(user *model.User, team *model.Team, teamMember *model.TeamMember, data *[]UserChannelImportData) *model.AppError

func (*App) ImportUserTeams

func (a *App) ImportUserTeams(user *model.User, data *[]UserTeamImportData) *model.AppError

func (*App) InitPlugins

func (a *App) InitPlugins(pluginDir, webappPluginDir string)

func (*App) InitPostMetadata

func (a *App) InitPostMetadata()

func (*App) InstallPlugin

func (a *App) InstallPlugin(pluginFile io.Reader, replace bool) (*model.Manifest, *model.AppError)

InstallPlugin unpacks and installs a plugin but does not enable or activate it.

func (*App) InvalidateAllCaches

func (a *App) InvalidateAllCaches() *model.AppError

func (*App) InvalidateAllCachesSkipSend

func (a *App) InvalidateAllCachesSkipSend()

func (*App) InvalidateAllEmailInvites

func (a *App) InvalidateAllEmailInvites() *model.AppError

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForChannel

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForChannel(channel *model.Channel)

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForChannelByNameSkipClusterSend

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForChannelByNameSkipClusterSend(teamId, name string)

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForChannelMembers

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForChannelMembers(channelId string)

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForChannelMembersNotifyProps

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForChannelMembersNotifyProps(channelId string)

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForChannelMembersNotifyPropsSkipClusterSend

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForChannelMembersNotifyPropsSkipClusterSend(channelId string)

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForChannelMembersSkipClusterSend

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForChannelMembersSkipClusterSend(channelId string)

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForChannelPosts

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForChannelPosts(channelId string)

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForChannelPostsSkipClusterSend

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForChannelPostsSkipClusterSend(channelId string)

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForChannelSkipClusterSend

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForChannelSkipClusterSend(channelId string)

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForUser

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForUser(userId string)

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForUserSkipClusterSend

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForUserSkipClusterSend(userId string)

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForWebhook

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForWebhook(webhookId string)

func (*App) InvalidateCacheForWebhookSkipClusterSend

func (a *App) InvalidateCacheForWebhookSkipClusterSend(webhookId string)

func (*App) InvalidateWebConnSessionCacheForUser

func (a *App) InvalidateWebConnSessionCacheForUser(userId string)

func (*App) InviteNewUsersToTeam

func (a *App) InviteNewUsersToTeam(emailList []string, teamId, senderId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) IsFirstUserAccount

func (a *App) IsFirstUserAccount() bool

func (*App) IsLeader

func (a *App) IsLeader() bool

func (*App) IsPasswordValid

func (a *App) IsPasswordValid(password string) *model.AppError

func (*App) IsPhase2MigrationCompleted

func (a *App) IsPhase2MigrationCompleted() *model.AppError

func (*App) IsUserAway

func (a *App) IsUserAway(lastActivityAt int64) bool

func (*App) IsUserSignUpAllowed

func (a *App) IsUserSignUpAllowed() *model.AppError

func (*App) IsUsernameTaken

func (a *App) IsUsernameTaken(name string) bool

IsUsernameTaken checks if the username is already used by another user. Return false if the username is invalid.

func (*App) JoinChannel

func (a *App) JoinChannel(channel *model.Channel, userId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) JoinDefaultChannels

func (a *App) JoinDefaultChannels(teamId string, user *model.User, shouldBeAdmin bool, userRequestorId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) JoinUserToTeam

func (a *App) JoinUserToTeam(team *model.Team, user *model.User, userRequestorId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) LeaveChannel

func (a *App) LeaveChannel(channelId string, userId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) LeaveTeam

func (a *App) LeaveTeam(team *model.Team, user *model.User, requestorId string) *model.AppError

func (*App) License

func (a *App) License() *model.License

License returns the currently active license or nil if the application is unlicensed.

func (*App) LimitedClientConfig

func (a *App) LimitedClientConfig() map[string]string

func (*App) LimitedClientConfigWithComputed

func (a *App) LimitedClientConfigWithComputed() map[string]string

LimitedClientConfigWithComputed gets the configuration in a format suitable for sending to the client.

func (*App) ListAllCommands

func (a *App) ListAllCommands(teamId string, T goi18n.TranslateFunc) ([]*model.Command, *model.AppError)

func (*App) ListAutocompleteCommands

func (a *App) ListAutocompleteCommands(teamId string, T goi18n.TranslateFunc) ([]*model.Command, *