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func AddCertAuth

func AddCertAuth(name string, ca []byte, fs file.Filesystem) (*ingress.SSLCert, error)

    AddCertAuth creates a .pem file with the specified CAs to be used in Cert Authentication If it's already exists, it's clobbered.

    func AddOrUpdateCertAndKey

    func AddOrUpdateCertAndKey(name string, cert, key, ca []byte,
    	fs file.Filesystem) (*ingress.SSLCert, error)

      AddOrUpdateCertAndKey creates a .pem file wth the cert and the key with the specified name

      func AddOrUpdateDHParam

      func AddOrUpdateDHParam(name string, dh []byte, fs file.Filesystem) (string, error)

        AddOrUpdateDHParam creates a dh parameters file with the specified name

        func FullChainCert

        func FullChainCert(in string, fs file.Filesystem) ([]byte, error)

          FullChainCert checks if a certificate file contains issues in the intermediate CA chain Returns a new certificate with the intermediate certificates. If the certificate does not contains issues with the chain it return an empty byte array

          func GetFakeSSLCert

          func GetFakeSSLCert() ([]byte, []byte)

            GetFakeSSLCert creates a Self Signed Certificate Based in the code


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