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Package version contains the version of the weaver module and its constituent APIs (e.g., the pipe API, the codegen API).



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const (
	// The weaver module semantic version [1].
	// [1]:
	ModuleMajor = 0
	ModuleMinor = 18
	ModulePatch = 0

	// The version of the deployer API.
	// Every time we make a change to the deployer API, we assign it a new
	// version. We could assign the deployer API versions v1, v2, v3, and so
	// on. However, this makes it hard to understand the relationship between
	// the deployer API version and the version of the Service Weaver module.
	// Instead, we use Service Weaver module versions as deployer API versions.
	// For example, if we change the deployer API in v0.12.0 of Service Weaver,
	// then we update the deployer API version to v0.12.0. If we don't change
	// the deployer API in v0.13.0 of Service Weaver, then we leave the
	// deployer API at v0.12.0.
	DeployerMajor = 0
	DeployerMinor = 18

	// The version of the codegen API. As with the deployer API, we assign a
	// new version every time we change how code is generated, and we use
	// weaver module versions.
	CodegenMajor = 0
	CodegenMinor = 17


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var (
	// The weaver module version.
	ModuleVersion = SemVer{ModuleMajor, ModuleMinor, ModulePatch}

	// The deployer API version.
	DeployerVersion = SemVer{DeployerMajor, DeployerMinor, 0}

	// The codegen API version.
	CodegenVersion = SemVer{CodegenMajor, CodegenMinor, 0}


This section is empty.


type SemVer added in v0.17.0

type SemVer struct {
	Major int
	Minor int
	Patch int

SemVer is a semantic version. See for details.

func (SemVer) String added in v0.17.0

func (s SemVer) String() string

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