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Web Push API Encryption with VAPID support.

go get -u github.com/SherClockHolmes/webpush-go


For a full example, refer to the code in the example directory.

package main

import (

	webpush "github.com/SherClockHolmes/webpush-go"

func main() {
	// Decode subscription
	s := &webpush.Subscription{}
	json.Unmarshal([]byte("<YOUR_SUBSCRIPTION>"), s)

	// Send Notification
	resp, err := webpush.SendNotification([]byte("Test"), s, &webpush.Options{
		Subscriber:      "example@example.com",
		TTL:             30,
	if err != nil {
		// TODO: Handle error
	defer resp.Body.Close()
Generating VAPID Keys

Use the helper method GenerateVAPIDKeys to generate the VAPID key pair.

privateKey, publicKey, err := webpush.GenerateVAPIDKeys()
if err != nil {
	// TODO: Handle error


  1. Install Go 1.11+
  2. go mod vendor
  3. go test
For other language implementations visit:

WebPush Libs




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const MaxRecordSize uint32 = 4096


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var ErrMaxPadExceeded = errors.New("payload has exceeded the maximum length")


func GenerateVAPIDKeys

func GenerateVAPIDKeys() (privateKey, publicKey string, err error)

GenerateVAPIDKeys will create a private and public VAPID key pair

func SendNotification

func SendNotification(message []byte, s *Subscription, options *Options) (*http.Response, error)

SendNotification calls SendNotificationWithContext with default context for backwards-compatibility

func SendNotificationWithContext added in v1.2.0

func SendNotificationWithContext(ctx context.Context, message []byte, s *Subscription, options *Options) (*http.Response, error)

SendNotificationWithContext sends a push notification to a subscription's endpoint Message Encryption for Web Push, and VAPID protocols. FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE RFC8291: https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/rfc8291


type HTTPClient

type HTTPClient interface {
	Do(*http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

HTTPClient is an interface for sending the notification HTTP request / testing

type Keys

type Keys struct {
	Auth   string `json:"auth"`
	P256dh string `json:"p256dh"`

Keys are the base64 encoded values from PushSubscription.getKey()

type Options

type Options struct {
	HTTPClient      HTTPClient // Will replace with *http.Client by default if not included
	RecordSize      uint32     // Limit the record size
	Subscriber      string     // Sub in VAPID JWT token
	Topic           string     // Set the Topic header to collapse a pending messages (Optional)
	TTL             int        // Set the TTL on the endpoint POST request
	Urgency         Urgency    // Set the Urgency header to change a message priority (Optional)
	VAPIDPublicKey  string     // VAPID public key, passed in VAPID Authorization header
	VAPIDPrivateKey string     // VAPID private key, used to sign VAPID JWT token
	VapidExpiration time.Time  // optional expiration for VAPID JWT token (defaults to now + 12 hours)

Options are config and extra params needed to send a notification

type Subscription

type Subscription struct {
	Endpoint string `json:"endpoint"`
	Keys     Keys   `json:"keys"`

Subscription represents a PushSubscription object from the Push API

type Urgency

type Urgency string

Urgency indicates to the push service how important a message is to the user. This can be used by the push service to help conserve the battery life of a user's device by only waking up for important messages when battery is low.

const (
	// UrgencyVeryLow requires device state: on power and Wi-Fi
	UrgencyVeryLow Urgency = "very-low"
	// UrgencyLow requires device state: on either power or Wi-Fi
	UrgencyLow Urgency = "low"
	// UrgencyNormal excludes device state: low battery
	UrgencyNormal Urgency = "normal"
	// UrgencyHigh admits device state: low battery
	UrgencyHigh Urgency = "high"


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