Package webhook provides methods to build and bootstrap a webhook server.

    Currently, it only supports admission webhooks. It will support CRD conversion webhooks in the near future.





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    var (
    	// Allowed indicates that the admission request should be allowed for the given reason.
    	Allowed = admission.Allowed
    	// Denied indicates that the admission request should be denied for the given reason.
    	Denied = admission.Denied
    	// Patched indicates that the admission request should be allowed for the given reason,
    	// and that the contained object should be mutated using the given patches.
    	Patched = admission.Patched
    	// Errored indicates that an error occurred in the admission request.
    	Errored = admission.Errored
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    var DefaultPort = 443

      DefaultPort is the default port that the webhook server serves.


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      type Admission

      type Admission = admission.Webhook

        Admission is webhook suitable for registration with the server an admission webhook that validates API operations and potentially mutates their contents.

        type AdmissionDecoder

        type AdmissionDecoder = admission.Decoder

          AdmissionDecoder knows how to decode objects from admission requests.

          type AdmissionHandler

          type AdmissionHandler = admission.Handler

            AdmissionHandler knows how to process admission requests, validating them, and potentially mutating the objects they contain.

            type AdmissionRequest

            type AdmissionRequest = admission.Request

              AdmissionRequest defines the input for an admission handler. It contains information to identify the object in question (group, version, kind, resource, subresource, name, namespace), as well as the operation in question (e.g. Get, Create, etc), and the object itself.

              type AdmissionResponse

              type AdmissionResponse = admission.Response

                AdmissionResponse is the output of an admission handler. It contains a response indicating if a given operation is allowed, as well as a set of patches to mutate the object in the case of a mutating admission handler.

                type Defaulter

                type Defaulter = admission.Defaulter

                  Defaulter defines functions for setting defaults on resources

                  type JSONPatchOp

                  type JSONPatchOp = jsonpatch.Operation

                    JSONPatchOp represents a single JSONPatch patch operation.

                    type Server

                    type Server struct {
                    	// Host is the address that the server will listen on.
                    	// Defaults to "" - all addresses.
                    	Host string
                    	// Port is the port number that the server will serve.
                    	// It will be defaulted to 443 if unspecified.
                    	Port int
                    	// CertDir is the directory that contains the server key and certificate.
                    	// If using FSCertWriter in Provisioner, the server itself will provision the certificate and
                    	// store it in this directory.
                    	// If using SecretCertWriter in Provisioner, the server will provision the certificate in a secret,
                    	// the user is responsible to mount the secret to the this location for the server to consume.
                    	CertDir string
                    	// WebhookMux is the multiplexer that handles different webhooks.
                    	WebhookMux *http.ServeMux
                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                      Server is an admission webhook server that can serve traffic and generates related k8s resources for deploying.

                      func (*Server) InjectFunc

                      func (s *Server) InjectFunc(f inject.Func) error

                        InjectFunc injects the field setter into the server.

                        func (*Server) Register

                        func (s *Server) Register(path string, hook http.Handler)

                          Register marks the given webhook as being served at the given path. It panics if two hooks are registered on the same path.

                          func (*Server) Start

                          func (s *Server) Start(stop <-chan struct{}) error

                            Start runs the server. It will install the webhook related resources depend on the server configuration.

                            type Validator

                            type Validator = admission.Validator

                              Validator defines functions for validating an operation


                              Path Synopsis
                              Package admission provides implementation for admission webhook and methods to implement admission webhook handlers.
                              Package admission provides implementation for admission webhook and methods to implement admission webhook handlers.