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type A

type A interface {
	Call() (B, error)

type AsyncProducer

type AsyncProducer interface {
	Input() chan<- bool
	Output() <-chan bool
	Whatever() chan bool

type B

type B struct{}

type Blank

type Blank interface {
	Create(x interface{}) error

type C

type C int

type ConsulLock

type ConsulLock interface {
	Lock(<-chan struct{}) (<-chan struct{}, error)
	Unlock() error

type Err

type Err struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Err) Code

func (e *Err) Code() uint64

func (*Err) Error

func (e *Err) Error() string

type Example

type Example interface {
	A() http.Flusher
	B(fixtureshttp string) my_http.MyStruct

Example is an example

type Fooer

type Fooer interface {
	Foo(f func(x string) string) error
	Bar(f func([]int))
	Baz(path string) func(x string) string

type HasConflictingNestedImports

type HasConflictingNestedImports interface {
	Z() http.MyStruct

type ImportsSameAsPackage

type ImportsSameAsPackage interface {
	A() test.B
	B() KeyManager

type KeyManager

type KeyManager interface {
	GetKey(string, uint16) ([]byte, *Err)

type MapFunc

type MapFunc interface {
	Get(m map[string]func(string) string) error

type MyReader

type MyReader interface {

type Requester

type Requester interface {
	Get(path string) (string, error)

type Requester2

type Requester2 interface {
	Get(path string) error

type Requester3

type Requester3 interface {
	Get() error

type Requester4

type Requester4 interface {

type RequesterArgSameAsImport

type RequesterArgSameAsImport interface {
	Get(json string) *json.RawMessage

type RequesterArgSameAsNamedImport

type RequesterArgSameAsNamedImport interface {
	Get(json string) *json.RawMessage

type RequesterArgSameAsPkg

type RequesterArgSameAsPkg interface {
	Get(test string)

type RequesterArray

type RequesterArray interface {
	Get(path string) ([2]string, error)

type RequesterElided

type RequesterElided interface {
	Get(path, url string) error

type RequesterIface

type RequesterIface interface {
	Get() io.Reader

type RequesterNS

type RequesterNS interface {
	Get(path string) (http.Response, error)

type RequesterPtr

type RequesterPtr interface {
	Get(path string) (*string, error)

type RequesterReturnElided

type RequesterReturnElided interface {
	Get(path string) (a, b, c int, err error)

type RequesterSlice

type RequesterSlice interface {
	Get(path string) ([]string, error)

type RequesterVariadic

type RequesterVariadic interface {
	// cases: only variadic argument, w/ and w/out interface type
	Get(values ...string) (bool, *error)
	OneInterface(a ...interface{}) (bool, error)

	// cases: normal argument + variadic argument, w/ and w/o interface type
	Sprintf(format string, a ...interface{}) (string, error)
	MultiWriteToFile(filename string, w ...io.Writer) (string, error)

type Sibling

type Sibling interface {

type UsesOtherPkgIface

type UsesOtherPkgIface interface {
	DoSomethingElse(obj Sibling)


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