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Published: Jan 11, 2019 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 9 Imported by: 1




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func HasQuote added in v0.5.7

func HasQuote(quoteStr string) bool

func NewArgument

func NewArgument(a Attribute) (interface{}, error)

func NewArguments

func NewArguments(as ...Attribute) (interface{}, error)

func NewBool

func NewBool(lit interface{}) (bool, error)

func NewDoubleQuoteStringLit

func NewDoubleQuoteStringLit(lit interface{}) (string, error)

func NewExpression

func NewExpression(left Attribute, op Attribute, right Attribute) (interface{}, error)

func NewExpressionField

func NewExpressionField(a Attribute) (interface{}, error)

func NewFloatLit

func NewFloatLit(lit interface{}) (float64, error)

func NewFunction

func NewFunction(name Attribute, parameters Attribute) (interface{}, error)

func NewIntLit

func NewIntLit(lit interface{}) (int, error)

func NewLiteralExpr added in v0.5.8

func NewLiteralExpr(a Attribute) (interface{}, error)

func NewMappingRef

func NewMappingRef(lit interface{}) (interface{}, error)

func NewNagtiveFloatLit added in v0.5.8

func NewNagtiveFloatLit(lit interface{}) (float64, error)

func NewNagtiveIntLit added in v0.5.8

func NewNagtiveIntLit(lit interface{}) (int, error)

func NewSingleQuoteStringLit

func NewSingleQuoteStringLit(lit interface{}) (string, error)

func RemoveQuote added in v0.5.7

func RemoveQuote(quoteStr string) string


type Attribute

type Attribute interface{}

func NewTernaryArgument added in v0.5.8

func NewTernaryArgument(first Attribute) (Attribute, error)

func NewTernaryExpression

func NewTernaryExpression(first Attribute, second Attribute, third Attribute) (Attribute, error)

type NIL

type NIL struct {

func NewNilLit

func NewNilLit(lit interface{}) (*NIL, error)

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