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func RunArrayMetadataArray

func RunArrayMetadataArray()

RunArrayMetadataArray shows and example creation, writing and reading of a sparse array

func RunAsyncArray

func RunAsyncArray()

func RunConfig

func RunConfig()

func RunDenseArray

func RunDenseArray()

func RunDeserializeSparseLayouts

func RunDeserializeSparseLayouts()

ToDo: Add proper test for deserialization

func RunEncryptedArray

func RunEncryptedArray()

func RunFiltersArray

func RunFiltersArray()

RunFiltersArray shows and example creation, writing and reading of a sparse array

func RunFragmentsConsolidationArray

func RunFragmentsConsolidationArray()

func RunMultiAttributeArray

func RunMultiAttributeArray()

func RunQueryConditionsArray added in v0.12.0

func RunQueryConditionsArray()

RunQueryConditionsArray shows how query conditions work

func RunRange

func RunRange()

RunRange shows an example of creation, writing of a dense array and usage of range functions

func RunReadRangeArray

func RunReadRangeArray()

RunReadRangeArray shows and example creation, writing and range reading of a dense array

func RunReadingDenseLayouts

func RunReadingDenseLayouts()

func RunReadingIncompleteArray

func RunReadingIncompleteArray()

func RunReadingSparseLayouts

func RunReadingSparseLayouts()

func RunSparseArray

func RunSparseArray()

RunSparseArray shows and example creation, writing and reading of a sparse array

func RunSparseHeterDimArray

func RunSparseHeterDimArray()

RunSparseHeterDimArray shows and example creation, writing and reading of a sparse array using heterogeneus dimensions

func RunStringDimArray

func RunStringDimArray()

RunStringDimArray shows an example of creation, writing and reading of a sparse array with string dim

func RunTimestampArray

func RunTimestampArray()

RunTimestampArray shows timestamp correlation of written data and metadata

func RunUsingTileDBStats

func RunUsingTileDBStats()

func RunVacuumSparseArray

func RunVacuumSparseArray()

RunVacuumSparseArray shows ysage of array vacuum function

func RunVariableLengthArray

func RunVariableLengthArray()

func RunVfs

func RunVfs()

func RunWritingDenseGlobal

func RunWritingDenseGlobal()

func RunWritingDenseGlobalExpansion

func RunWritingDenseGlobalExpansion()

func RunWritingDenseMultiple

func RunWritingDenseMultiple()

func RunWritingDensePadding

func RunWritingDensePadding()

func RunWritingDenseSparse

func RunWritingDenseSparse()

func RunWritingSparseGlobal

func RunWritingSparseGlobal()

func RunWritingSparseMultiple

func RunWritingSparseMultiple()


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