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type DeploymentState

type DeploymentState struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(config *hcl.DeploymentState) (*DeploymentState, error)

func (*DeploymentState) AddSlotCounter

func (ds *DeploymentState) AddSlotCounter(prefix string, appData *schema.ApplicationData) (*schema.ApplicationData, error)

func (*DeploymentState) AreBackendsReady

func (ds *DeploymentState) AreBackendsReady() (bool, error)

func (*DeploymentState) BeginDeployment

func (ds *DeploymentState) BeginDeployment(appName, slotId string, isDestroy bool, pilot *schema.DeployPilot, startTime time.Time,
	vars map[string]string) (*schema.DeploymentData, error)

func (*DeploymentState) DeleteSlot

func (ds *DeploymentState) DeleteSlot(appName, slotId string) error

func (*DeploymentState) DeleteSlotCounter

func (ds *DeploymentState) DeleteSlotCounter(prefix string, appData *schema.ApplicationData) (*schema.ApplicationData, error)

TODO: Create ListSlotNames function if ListSlots becomes inefficient As DeleteSlotCounter does not need to make a connection and only needs SlotIds

func (*DeploymentState) FinishDeployment

func (ds *DeploymentState) FinishDeployment(appName, slotId, deploymentId string, isActive bool,
	data *schema.DeploymentData, tfRun *schema.FinishedTerraformRun) error

func (*DeploymentState) GetApplication

func (ds *DeploymentState) GetApplication(name string) (*schema.ApplicationData, error)

func (*DeploymentState) GetDeployment

func (ds *DeploymentState) GetDeployment(appName, slotId, deploymentId string) (*schema.DeploymentData, error)

func (*DeploymentState) GetSlot

func (ds *DeploymentState) GetSlot(appName, slotId string) (*schema.SlotData, error)

func (*DeploymentState) GetSlotCounter

func (ds *DeploymentState) GetSlotCounter(prefix string, appData *schema.ApplicationData) (int64, bool, error)

func (*DeploymentState) IncrementSlotCounter

func (ds *DeploymentState) IncrementSlotCounter(prefix string, appData *schema.ApplicationData) (int64, *schema.ApplicationData, error)

func (*DeploymentState) ListApplications

func (ds *DeploymentState) ListApplications() ([]*schema.ApplicationData, error)

func (*DeploymentState) ListLastDeployments

func (ds *DeploymentState) ListLastDeployments(appName, slotId string, limit int) ([]*schema.DeploymentData, error)

func (*DeploymentState) ListSlots

func (ds *DeploymentState) ListSlots(appName string) ([]*schema.SlotData, error)

func (*DeploymentState) SaveApplication

func (ds *DeploymentState) SaveApplication(name string, data *schema.ApplicationData) error

func (*DeploymentState) SupportsWriteLock

func (ds *DeploymentState) SupportsWriteLock() (bool, error)


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